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5 September 2011
11 January 2012
9 April 2012
I have gotten a two week gig at MuseumOfContemporaryArt (MOCA) on the corner of Mayfield and Euclid; some, odd, sliced, and diced polyhedron with narrow, diagonal windows. It somewhat reminiscent to Mecca's black cube the Ka'aba. A Persian architectural firm in London is involved in the design. Most, if not all, the tradesman find the building ridiculous. We as tradesman are grounded in right angles, this has none structurally. Well, that means more man hours!

My working partner, fine fellow that he is, who has concurred with me on my views, also finds 'contemporary modern' art a joke. If you need to post a three paragraph description to explain what it is, next to it, it is not art. He liked the allusion so much he has increased the length of the description incrementally. I suggested it is art, the art of the 'con', such as Mark Twain describes in Huck Finn. The Duke and the Dauphin fool people, they separate them from their money in one deceit after another. Eventually, the victims become enraged and tar and feather them; which, i suppose, is performance art.

There is a grand cement staircase going up four floors (with a second one hidden next, and under, it), which no one will use when the elevator is up and running. Ha ha! The first and fourth floor have high ceilings. The fourth floor's floor is 11'' thick, and there is not much floor space. An argument can be made that the building is being built upside down, but the same could be said of many of the paintings to be displayed.They are running tourists through it all. There is nothing to see inside, other than construction clutter. Well, part of that is shaking the money tree. There is an internet web camera here.
The most interesting picture may be from the inside looking out. The Oil Can Church (University Circle Methodist), and the Church of the Covenant (Euclid Avenue Presbyterian).

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