Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Parish opening celebration at Wendelin's

At 7.30 p.m. a street vigil of celebration as scheduled at St. Wendelin, Cleveland. The press came early. At one point, it was almost a one to one correspondence.
More people came. People on the sidewalk were engaged in conversation. While that was going on, a choir was positioning itself on the steps. They began singing, and then people understood the service began. Interspersed between the singing were prayers, and petitions of thanks, and people giving testimonials. Friends from other parishes came too, that is Christian Solidarity.
Twenty minutes after the service was ended, and the press was gone for the moment, people were still there. Half an hour later still, some were still there. There is your picture of "VIBRANCY", that 'buzzword'. You know when the priest says, "The Mass is Ended", and three minutes later not a person is amongst the pews, and the nave is devoid of people; well there is not much parish life there. Here at Saint Wendelin's, there is no priest, no utilities, and the people are still there. They enjoy each other's company. They talk about everything, and nothing. There the parish is alive. Rome confirmed that the parish did not go extinct.

Lennon chose not to exercise his right of appeal, not for mercy. He did not appeal for it was finally impressed upon him, that, he could not win an appeal, and Rome would not appreciate an appeal. He grudgingly recognised that defeat, but would not admit that the parishioners were right.

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