Saturday, April 14, 2012

A happy story of another parish

Some eighty people came to the front door of their church, Saint Margaret Mary, in South Euclid, Ohio, on the evening of the Ides of March, three years after Richard Lennon's list of parish closures were made. This March 14th was not a sad one of commemoration of that morbid news, but rather a joyous celebration of new good news. It was an invocation of the parish. Not only, did it still exist; but it was given a Vatican approval of continuation. Its suppression (closure), and subsequent merger with the parish of Saint Gregory the Great was invalid in procedure, and in substance of the canon law of the Catholic Church. The curial prefecture of the Congregation for the Clergy ordered the Bishop of Cleveland to re-open thirteen parishes, all those that correctly submitted and maintained an appeal.

Saint Margaret Mary's cause has not been followed by many outside their neighbourhood. They had not joined cause with parishioners from other parishes, never-the-less, they were successful.
happy parishioners standing for a small group shot
Rev. Dave Ireland, pastor of Saint Gregory the Great (also of South Euclid), speaking of Saint Margaret Mary's, “it could be re-opened and ready to say Mass in less than 30 minutes”.
A smiley balloon was left behind, as symbolic witness of the good news, and happiness of the parishioners upon hearing the public announcement of Rome's mandate concerning their parochial church.

nota bene: all photographs taken and provided by parishioner Mike Gronick.
A youtube interview with a parishioner at the event is available here.
postscriptum: 17 April 2012. Sad update. Lennon does not list St. Margaret Mary to the surprise, and dismay of the parishioners.

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