Sunday, March 11, 2012

Resurrection Candle for Homecoming

Wieslaw 'Edek' Adamczewski has come up with elegant ideas. He and, his wife, Anya are the 'art department' for St. Casimir-in-exile. This one concerns the re-opening of parishes. Have one lit candle pass from one parish to the next at the Mass of Homecoming. Some people will be reminded of the Olympic torch that passes from one Olympic city, to the next.

In the Church, candles are sacramentals. Candles are lit for hope, prayer, petition, and celebration. At some Tenebrae service in Holy Week, 15 (or another number) are lit, and then snuffed in succession, till the last one leaves; then the Easter candle returns to the sanctuary. The Resurrection candle, for when the church is in complete darkness, returns after the 'strepitus' (the great noise of the tomb opening, and the moment of Resurrection).

St. Peter's in Cleveland did not have a Mass of Eviction; they had a final Mass on the morning of Easter [4 April 2010]. After the packed congregation exited, and was waiting on Superior Avenue, a lit Easter candle came out in a procession. When the parish had a Mass of Reunion [15 August 2010], the candle came into the new space.

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