Saturday, March 17, 2012

Cleveland's Saint Patrick's Day 2012

The daffodils are blooming in northern Ohio. The record high for the the 17th of March, in Cleveland, had been 72°F in 1945. Franklin Roosevelt was president. To-day the temperature was 77°F. Someone could send a note to the idiot senator from Oklahoma, who is in the petroleum companies' pocket, Jim Inhofe; but since he is both against science and education, he may not understand marks upon paper. The televisions were forecasting 20,000 marchers, and 400,000 people in audience for Cleveland's 145th Saint Patrick's Day Parade.
Diesel is an handsome Belgian draft horse. People like to bring horses to parades, and people like to see horses. His hooves were just spray painted.
And the same goes for dogs. Tuck and Reo are very friendly, gentle, and well behaved Newfoundlanders.
Historical re-enactors plus a horse are a crowd pleaser. Perhaps someone will find out what a Buffalo soldier did in the U.S. cavalry. Parades help to appreciate culture, and history.
Catholic parades are a social event for Catholic organisations, some of which also like grand military costume. Sheathing their swords are two members of Hospitallers of St. John of Jerusalem (Knights of Malta), on the right is Dominic from St. Rocco's. They want to be part of the re-opening of Saint Casimir's, behind them is a Cadillac.
And parades have floats, before they are staged and landed can make an interesting foto. Generations of religious sisters taught children. Those children remember them, some with great fondness, and some with great fear.
Some participants are circus characters properly attired for the occasion.
Groups take their own posed cheese shots. Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin Lions.
Four Knights of Saint John stand for a photograph with the parishioners of St. Casimir-in-exile.
Of course, parades like visitors to see them.

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