Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mass of Thanksgiving for Roman Decrees

Ken Robinson of WTAM 1100 interviews parishioners
Banners of Parish Patrons (Barbara, Emeric, Wendelin, James, Patrick, Casimir) surrounded by Italian marble
Before Mass begins
Father Robert Begin, Pastor of St. Colman
Reverend Kenneth Chalker, Pastor of University Circle United Methodist
"I don't know how your churches could have been suppressed in the first place"
A Mass for Diocesan Restoration was held Sunday afternoon, 25 March 2012 at Saint Colman's. Virtually all the attendees were from the several Cuyahoga County parishes ordered to be re-opened. The chancery sent no one (at least publicly). No other priests came. Three television stations, one radio station, and a couple of still photographers were there.

Father Begin recalled how St. Colman was also listed to be disappeared, but was saved through much immediate action. He also spoke of how hurt upon hurt took room, in the heart where love then would not have room, and now there is opportunity for the hurt to be removed.

Reverend Chalker spoke simply and exceedingly well on the thesis that how could such parishes be suppressed? The faith was vital, the resources, and will was there. God wants church doors to be opened and not locked. These churches were doing successful missions even while the city was crumbling about them. Truly, Rev. Chalker had a clearer understanding, and deeper feeling than the author of these troubles.
postscriptum i: March 25 is also Saint Dismas' Day, who is a patron of prisoners

postscriptum ii:
Rev. Chalker quoted an inscription from a church (built during Oliver Cromwell's dictatorship and time of ecclesial destruction) at Staunton Harold, Leicestershire,In the year 1653 when all things Sacred were throughout the nation Either demolisht or profaned Sir Robert Shirley, Barronet, Founded this church; Whose singular praise it is, to have done the best of things in the worst of times, and hoped them in the most callamitous. The righteous shall be in everlasting remembrance.

postscriptum iii: 27 March 2012. The attendance, at the Mass, was c. 700.

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