Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Have you any idea how much trouble...

Jean Anouilh wrote the play, Becket, ou L'Honneur de Dieu, in 1959 for the Paris stage. It was translated to English, and won a 'Tony' in New York City in 1961. Beckett was made into a Hollywood movie in 1964. The king was played by Peter O'Toole, and Richard Burton played the eponymous saint.

If you view the film, you can hear this exchange on this clip from 0.40 - 0.48:

Henry II: Have you any idea how much trouble I took to make you noble?
Thomas Becket: I think as I recall you pointing a finger saying ‘Thomas Becket, you are noble.’ ...
In regards to an authority trying to explain his difficulty in getting something done we have this in to-day's news:

"As I hope you can appreciate, this is a very complex matter with no easy or perfect solution. With the help of a number of advisors - including members of the clergy, laity and experts in church law - I am carefully studying and seeking to fully understand the decrees. I can assure you that this is not nearly as clear-cut as it may appear on the surface. Although the decrees are brief in length, they are deep in underlying meaning and I continue to receive significant input and clarification."
This document has been made available to the media, and they have made it available to all (click here), paper copies will be available at this weekend Masses. It is also available from the chancery (click here). Also note the media presented version is on official stationery, the chancery version is not. Both are without a human signature, a printed graphic is substituted.

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