Thursday, December 30, 2010

Window treatment

window of the Coronation of Mary as Queen of Heaven. Blessed Sacrament, Cleve., O. 2009.
electrical 'cans' containing fluorescent tubes, St. Leo Cleve., O.
final presentation of back lit glass. St. Leo, Cleve., O. now.

Lennon has suppressed parishes and sold off their patrimony. Some were ransomed to nearby parishes, some remain available on the internet for purchase. It is very hard for parishioners to find out the location of many items. Though the chancery and Lennon, himself, have made claims of transparency, open clarity and accountability is little in evidence. Perhaps we will find out one day in the future after Lennon is gone.

Some pieces that were part of an unified set have been treated as jigsaw puzzles. See photographs above of one window from Blessed Sacrament, when it was there it was flanked by sidelight windows. They did not accompany the move to St. Leo's. The central window is missing the lower sixth portion. All together seven windows are expected to arrive from Fulton to Broadview Road in Old Brooklyn. Windows were originally set in outside walls to let sunlight through. The current installation is on the wall, in front of switched light fixtures. What would a long time parishioner of Blessed Sacrament think and feel when he comes to St. Leo's, and see something so once familiar.

A side note: Blessed Sacrament had money in the bank, Saint Leo's owed assessments (tax) to the bishop. Similarly, St. Thomas More bought statues from closed parishes, and owes assessments to the bishop.

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