Thursday, December 16, 2010

More survey results

The vox populi concerning Richard Lennon's episcopacy is odium populi. Earlier to-day, The Endangered Catholics released results from an internet survey 'Voices of Cleveland Catholics' to the press. It gathered a relatively small response, but it has been the only attempt at collecting anything near a census of responses. The diocese only gives its own opinion on the matter, and that is to sway and not to describe. The press tries to get an equal number of pro and con views, that is to create a false "balance" of equivalency. Clearly, even as limited as the survey may be, it is overwhelming indicative of episcopal failure. The written comments (on questions six and nine) are a strong vein of accusation against Lennon. This is understandable, Lennon is the author of the troubles. There is no honest way not to point fingers at Lennon. Some will complain that he is not the onus. They are wrong, and may purposely be dictating a deception. Either way, they are not willing to admit the obvious.

Here follows additional questions and their results as of the initial press release concerning the presentation on "Google Survey", also included in the press release [but not below] were the first responses from a "SurveyMonkey" presentation:

1. On a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being "poor" and 5 being "excellent", how would you rank your satisfaction with the leadership of Bishop Lennon?

votes % ordinal
269~75% 1 "poor"
043~12% 2
020~06% 3 [average]ed.
004~01% 4
022~06% 5 "excellent"

358 responses
2. Which of the following expresses your assessment of the Reconfiguration Plan (the closing and merging of parishes)?

votes %
014~04% Necessary
088~25% Not necessary
238~66% Necessary, but the process was flawed
018~05% I am satisfied with how the Reconfiguration was organized and executed

358 responses

5. What action have you taken since the closing of your church?

votes %
026~08% I am attending a church created by the merger
139~44% I am attending another Roman Catholic church
025~08% I am attending a non-Roman Catholic church
080~25% I am not attending any church on any regular basis
046~15% I am not attending any church at all

316 responses
Postscriptum: The new version is -- here. It is to end 31 January 2011??Postscriptum II: It ended ~ March 31.

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