Sunday, December 26, 2010

Oplatki broken

On another cold day the Casimiri met, the second Christmas in the streets. A cameraman from a local station came by. They all know we will be there, we have been since Lennon evicted the parish last year. There is not much local news to cover on Sundays, there is professional football, and then there is what local news does most frequently—violent deaths, car wrecks and fires. We are always available at 11.30 a.m. Sunday, until we get our church and parish back. If there is no assignment on the desk Sunday, they can get footage for story. The cameraman stayed long enough to hear a carol, or two, and then had to rush to a fire.
The Casimiri sang carols and kolędy. They sang enthusiastically, but were very unenthusiastic about the breezy cold. Afterwards they shared oplatki (wafers) which they broke in pieces and ate. They hugged each other and wished each other a good, and merry Christmas.

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