Friday, December 10, 2010

Question Six

Of the initial survey/poll, Voices of Cleveland Catholics, here follows the responses for those of the first 342 respondees from 11/17/2010 to 12/02/2010 to the sixth question. It is to be noted that this question was not a multiple choice, but an opportunity to express the respondent's own answer to the question, if he so deemed it applicable. Some people left the space blank.

6. If you are not attending another Roman Catholic church, would you be willing to share the reason why?

I am attending the Community of St. Peter. I'll leave it to you to decide whether or not it's a church. All I know is it makes me feel closer to God when I go.

Both my current parish in Cleveland, and my former parish in Lorain were spared. My birth-parish in Lorain, and a 100-year old Polish parish with which I was associated were suppressed or repressed or closed.

The deeply flawed and unnecessary process has undermined my sense of the legitimacy of weekly Mass attendance. My faith in the tenets of our Catholic religion remains strong; but my trust and confidence in the institutional church is shaken to the core.

We are proud members of the Community of St. Peter, a traditionally Catholic parish no longer under the Diocese of Cleveland.

I attend a different parish, virtually, every week. I become pretty anonymous. Unfortunately, that is a programmed result of the suppressions--communities are forcibly broken up, by fiat. Personal parishes which were a majority of the parishes in the three counties of the eight in the diocese are nearing extinction. A 'parish' is now merely a territorial franchise. I have considered becoming Byzantine or Orthodox, for at least they do not hate me for my person. The American Catholic church has become a mirror of american society, the 'nativism' of the 1850s adversaries has been accepted by the hierarchy.

I am deeply hurt and disappointed by decisions made by the leadership of the Roman Catholic church. I feel betrayed.

I am attending an intentional Eucharistic Community

Until this Bishop leaves this community we do not intend to go to another Catholic Church. If we do decide to attend a Catholic Church, no contributions will be made to the Diocese while Lennon is here.

I am attending the Community of St. Peter, which was formed to allow the members of Historic St. Peter to continue as a faithful Roman Catholic community.

I am not attending a church because I don't think I can worship in a church which is not MY church.

Because I am a member of CSP! Is this considered a new church?

I am attending the community of St Peter's which was from after the closeing of our church.

It makes me feel very sad to go to another Roman Catholic Church-- all I do is cry and wish that I was attend Mass at my spiritual home. It is extremely difficult to concentrate and pray. I am overwhelmed with sadness and hurt.

I believe that Jesus'teaching included welcoming ALL people. The Church today does not agree with Jesus's teachings. I find that not only offensive but wrong. I do attend a church community that honors, respects and follows the teachings of Jesus.

After church shopping, I could not find a Catholic parish with worship that was prayerful. To think how observing rubrics is called worship. I have seen the duplicity and mean spirit of the diocesan bishop who sets the tone. Like a young tree, Catholic parishes are being forced to bend in a direction that distorts their growth. This assault on the church of my birth is so ugly that I can no longer find a home here. I need to find a community that nurtures my spirit. God knows how I struggle to be faithful to what he has asked of me.

I am not happy with the way the churches in the Cleveland Diocese are being run and don't feel the represent what our GOD would want. I am seeking out another religion at this point. I have a very bad feeling about what one man can do to human lives. So I am currently looking for another church and not sure what the religion will be. If the Bishop hadn't ruined my life I would have never decided to look elsewhere

I no longer understand the direction of the Catholic Church. Bishop Lennon shows no compassion or understanding of our feelings and surely never attempts to explain his decisions. Bishop Lennon abuses his ABSOLUTE POWER. We are truly lost sheep.


I have not joined a parish, yet I do attend Mass each Sunday...I am a "roaming" Catholic--trying new places. Since our parish was "supressed/closed", there was never any "direction" or "welcome" from other parishes or priests. In fact, our parishioners asked the administrator of the parish, where we should go, and his answer was "go wherever you want!!"

My parish was very small (yet profitable) and so far I have not found a parish that seems very inviting. Similar tot he way I don't go to bog box retail, but shop locally, I don't want to go to a bog box mega church. I don't go to church to be seen and show off my finery, and sadly that's how I feel at alot of these big suburban parishes, people are there to be seen and show off the goods. And so far, NO ONE from the diocese or another parish has reached out to me.

I am part of the commmunity of ST.Peters .,because many of us choice to stay together . The man who calls himself a leader Lennon that is not one i choose to follow.

I am apart of a newly formed community. I have no alligance to an institutional organization that has and continues to do so much harm to its members in the name of God.

I'm angry. I have lost my 'home' where I worshiped and held to my Slovak background and history. I have lost my faith in the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church. My faith in Jesus and our religion is still strong, but I cannot continue to 'belong' to a church where parishioners are stolen from and there is no compassion to how the church is run.

No option for attending the Community of St Peter!!!!!!!!

I am attending the community of St. Peters. I have not gone to any of the remaining churches in the Cleveland diocese. I felt shunned by the Catholic diocese. I was annoyed about Robert Tayek "staying on message" when it wasn't really accurate. Also, when the vatican released the statement that catagorized women priesthood and pedophiles together it made me sick. I've gone to church "no matter what" for 56 years and now I feel that the hierarchy needs to be more sensitive to it's members.

with everything that has come out about how dishonest and uncaring the bishop and the higher-ups are about the people we are still considering what we are going to do. we are hoping to open a church like the one you have going in cleveland.

You are missing a possibility -- those of us who are "nomad Catholics" attending church weekly but wherever we can find a church for convenience to our schedule or near somewhere we need to go. In other words, we are regular attenders but at no one particular church because we are still grieving the loss of a bonded community and will not be able to bond somewhere else until a grieving process is completed. Asking someone who has experienced the loss of the intense emotional bonding of a faith community if they have a "new church" yet, is like asking someone who just lost a beloved pet dog, "Did you buy a new dog yet?" Or worse yet, asking a grieving husband who just lost his wife, did you find a new wife yet? The grief process cannot be rushed and if the death was by some type of forced decision-making process, it feels like an execution, and the healing takes even longer!

I am attending Mass at the Community of St. Peter and donating to them. I am not contributing to any Catholic cause now or in the future.

I am still angry and disillusioned by what has happened at the hand of Richard Lennon. I'm not interested in signing up in places where your W2 is the most important thing. The way I see it, Lennon took our 1.5 will be a long time before I put anything in that collection basket, if ever!

the parish we were merged with did not make me feel welcomed. they treated us like outsiders, per those very words that were stated in their bulletin the week before the actual merge took place!

I attend only twice per month on a regular basis.

Disillusionment with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

I am afraid to attend and make a commitment just to have Lennon shut with another round of closings. The hurt from the last closing still hasn't healed.

Trusting the Cleveland Diocese and the Priesthood in general, I think they are not in touch with the reality of the faithful people they are supposed to serve. They seem to think we are like children who have to be told what to do and then we are supposed to obey without any input. I have not found another parish where the Priest feeds my soul. I especially abhor the homilies where it is all about money. Since when is this proper?

Not Applicable

There are many reasons. First, I do not understand why our parish was closed. We have a large, strong and active congegation. Second, the parish we were merged with was unwelcoming of our parishioners. Third, I feel that the restructuring destroyed neighborhoods and parishes. Fourth, no consideration was given to the historical signifancemany of these churches hold for the city and it's citizens.

Leadership is proving to be very questionable at best due to the closure of St. Patrick's and other issues in the courts.

I am satisfied with the worship space provided for the Community of St. Peter and I continue to attend Mass at its present location.

I am a member of the Community of St. Peter, so I am attending Liturgy in a Roman Catholic Community but not a diosocean church. I just can't fit in Catholic communities that are essentially mega-churches where people do not participate in worship and thye really don't know one another or where Liturgy is not prayerful.

I have great distrust for the leadership of the Catholic Religion. I have a much different outlook of a pastor now than before the closures.

I am fed up with the dictatorial style of the church hierarchy. I am now attending the United Church of Christ, and find the leadership of this denomination far more open and amiable with its parishoners.

The leadership of the church doesn;t listen to the parishoners.

I cannot support an organization that doesn't adequately communicate it's goals, problems, and concerns to the very people that it is supposed to be helping. The scandals, the politics, and the inability to manage the parishes (both spiritually and financially) have unfortunately forced me to step back from the church. Until a reorganization takes place, my only option is to wait it out, and pray with my fellow Catholics - without the interference from a hierarchy that has become too callous to the needs of the people they are to serve.

Why should I? The Diocese is treating our churches as a business not a faith community. They have destroyed our faith in our leadership and I feel they really don't care if we come back to the Roman Catholic faith or not. I miss my church, my mass, and, all the people who I have known for so many years. The Catholic church doesn't care about our young people, they are what we should be showing a good example to. My family went to church every week TOGETHER. In this day and age it is hard to get children to go to church at all. That wasn't the case at St. Wendelin's. The children loved to come to church and we had lots of programs for them so they stayed interested. One of my grandsons showed an interest in becoming a priest, not now. Not since he sees that the Catholic church doesn't care about the people, just the MONEY!

I feel lost. Have not found a church to meet the needs of my faith.

My husband and I feel very BETRAYED by the Catholic church. NEVER would we have thought this could happen. Church was a constant in our lives for over 35 years, no matter what else, we always looked forward to mass on Sunday. We are both saddened, and sickend by the actions of Bishop Lennon. We feel he is doing the devil's work!

I will not attend until Bishop Lennon has been removed from his position. He failed to get an understanding of the needs of his flock prior to making his deciisions. The parish closed were all about money and what would cost the diocese and what would not. It does not take a rocket scientist to see this if you look closely at the accounting of the closed parishes.

I have attended a few others, but none feel like "home". I want my church and my neighborhood back

I am attending church with the Community of St. Peter's, making question 4 and 5 difficult to answer given the choices provided. It is still really the same church, just a different location. You can take away the building but not the community.

I don't feel at home with any of the other churches.

I am totally fed up and disgusted with the way things were handled concerning ethnic churches and parishes. I have been a life long catholic , as were my sisters and the rest of my family. I went to a catholic school for nine years, my sisters went to catholic high schools, as did the rest of my family. Now I am 41 years old with two teenage boys. I brought them up as Catholic and We frequented St. Emerics church and also belonged to a parish here in Euclid. Since the closing of St Emerics, I have no desire to give any of my money to the Catholic diosese, and have no desire to go to this American parishany longer. American churches are all over the place, and those people were not negatively affected by any closures.They left one church one week, and walked into another the following week. However, one of the only places that we were able to go as Magyars was taken away--although is was technically merged with another parish. Whatever spin Lenin wants to put on it--we are not buying it. Therefore, i am no longer an active participant and supporter of the catholic diosese in Cleveland/

We attend a non-sanctioned church, the Comm. of St Peter

I am a "roamin' catholic". I attend mass most Sundays but go to many different churches. I have no plans to register and will not contribute to the collection because I do not want even one cent of my money going to the diocese. At my previous parish I contributed many thousands of dollars each year and was involved in many activities which contributed to a very vibrant parish life.

First of all, my church, Holy Trinity in Lorain, was not originally scheduled to be closed. Then he changed his mind and closed it. I feel that when Lennon closed my church he turned his back on me, and my place of worship. I no longer feel the need to contribute to the Catholic diocese. I have not turned my back on God and still pray to him, but I feel like this was a dictatorship and refuse to participate. It was a beautiful church where my entire family went to school, (when it was open), me and my siblings were baptized there, first holy communions, confirmations. Then my son was baptized there and my daughter was married there in August, 2008. The last wedding performed at Holy Trinity!!! I truly miss mass at my church and I hope and pray that it will again open and serve the spiritual needs of our community. Shame on you Lennon....

I don't feel welcome at the newly creaed church. The pastor is very unwelcoming and controlling. Do not like the way the mass is celebrated, very untraditional

I can not stand the new "merged" chuch. I feel that it is fake and that the messages we are to get out of the sermons are over looked by all the hooky actions of the pastor. Don't get me wrong, everyone is very nice, but it I do not like all the arms swaying, bells ringing and singing every response and prayer. I, personally do not like to sing, and there for I do not participate in the mass and as sad as this is, I am looking for a parish that comes close to what I was used to, and was happy participating in the mass.

I am attending the Community of St. Peter

The Roman Catholic Church didn't need me, didn't worry about my faith or that I would like to attend my church of choice, so I realized I didn't need them anymore.

I am attending multiple churches- a different one almost every week. I can't find one feels right.

I some times attend one in my neighborhood,just because it's close,and I refuse to go the the merged church that the bishop says I should go to. He needs to learn to lead by example not by force. I choose where to attend and who to give my money to, not him.

I feel that they have abandoned me. I do not feel that they are doing things in my interest at all.

I fortunate to have received a Catholic education at St. Pat's WP & St. Ignatius. Every moral & ethical concept of Christian behavior I was taught and believe in has been ignored or abused by the hierarchy of the Catholic church's dealing with the Child Abuse scandals & the Church Reconfiguration Sham. Action speak louder that words was the moral foundation of my Catholic education. Two words describe the Cathlolic Church. Hypocrisy is the fiirst word that describe the actions of clergy, locally, nationally, & in Rome. Their actions make the "Moneychangers in the Temple" look respectable by comparison. The 2nd word is criminal. There will not be Catholic Church in 20 years if business as usual is conducted. I will come back when and if reform is offered and demonstrated.

The church I attended is asking for money to remodel, which I see it is in need of it. I gave to my church we remodeled and all for what? It stands empty and we were not even in the red. So now I don't even go to church but have a void. I believe and I miss my church. I pray at home. Haven't felt wanted at other parishes. Very cold. The only one I felt wanted in is in a terrible neighborhood and falling apart.
dissatisfied with the church leadership or lack there of.

not sure how to answer the 5th question. I am a registered member of the Community of St. Peter-we are Catholic-however the Diocese does not seem too sure about that.

was supporting 2 ethnic churchs now attending 1 not closed

I like the new parish and resent the attitude that it MUST be a bad place to attend Mass because our former church closed. Flawed as the process was, blaming and belittling another church isn't the answer. I just think that's a childish attitude; as well as insulting to the good people whom I've met at the new parish.

I prefer the Catholic Worker liturgies, and so I attend those. I only attend my own parish, Community of St. Malachi, sporadically. Since moving back into the geographical parish of St. Patrick's, West Park, I attended St. Patrick's, West Park, before it closed once, and I attended a few weekday masses at Our Lady of Angels.

I have been way too disheartened by the uncompassionate, uncaring, un-Christian way we, as 'lay people' are treated. I've had it. I worship God on my own and am not always angry now. Us mere parishioners who have put our hard-earned money into building the churches are treated as nothing by the 'powers that be.' The sex scandal was abhorrent and the way so many churches have been closed was the last straw for me.

Waiting for the final decision from the Vatican on Nov 30-et

I want my church St.Emeric back.

Shame from our poor pastoral leadership. Shame for the poor way the child abuse cases are handled and hidden. Pain from the closer of the vibrant parishes (2) I belonged to.

You closed mine.

My wife and I were 3rd generation parishioners of St. Stan's in Lorain. We both feel that Lennon was nothing but a "hatchet man" and had no reguard for the people he affected by closing our parish. We were both very active in our parish and still can't believe we were left out in the cold by this man. Why are we not attending church on a regular basis? Because our Roman Catholic church is all about the money and not the word of God like it once was.

I will not attend another Catholic church. I have a parish community - it is St. Peter's Community. I will continue to ignore two-page single-spaced letters from Bishop Lennon threatening me with excommunicatiol and the dangers of failing to register at some other parish. I have a parish. This bishop has violated the trust and the good will of the people of this diocese.

I was born and raised in St. Patrick (WP) parish. I was baptized and attended Grade School there. Both my parents had their funeral masses there. Siblings were married there. St.Pats was the center of my faith. The Bishop took my center away because of politics, pure and simple. I feel that there was no regard given to the rich tradition and strength of St. Patrick parish. No regard to the neighborhood and the importance of St. Patrick's. No importance given to the regards of souls that would be effected, no importance given to an individual soul, namely mine. Even when I lived far away in the south-west I considered St. Pats my parish. When the Bishop took away my parish, he may have also stolen most of my faith.

I attend Mass with the Community of St. Peter

I am upset that the my Church was sold for money by the religion that I love. There was no logical reason to close our church other than for money. There was plenty of funds to support the parish, the priest was willing and able to hold mass, and many active groups were involved. There was no other parish in the entire suburb that serves Catholics and a growing Catholic Indian and Philipino population in this suburb was attending the church. Therefore, there is future growth. Orange Village offered 2 Million Dollars for the entire property before cluster process had begun.

I just cant find a Catholic Church that I am confortable in any more- this is the third time my church closed on me in my lifetime. I just about had enough with the Diocese-if I do find one I will not contribute any money. That is the only thing the Diocese is looking for is the great american $$$$.

Have not made any choice at this time. That ignorant S O B will NOT force me out of the Church. Oh, by the way, I was IRISH before I was Catholic

The representatives of the Diocese want MEGA - churches of around 2,000 members or more - that is not the makings of a religious service, that is a basketball court with a crucifix at one end. Being shoved into a huge crowd where I will never get to know most of the people and being in foreign surroundings where the people are "Catholic" but do not worship the same way culturally as I do is alienating to me and to a great many others. It is NOT just going to Mass and participating in a ritual, it is the fellowship life of the church. The "fellowship" aspect was ripped away from me and my fellow parishioners and I believe it was financial reasons, not religious. I know that religious leaders should also be "good stewards" of their flocks but even Jesus threw the money lenders out of the temple. I could understand closing a parish if a Church building was falling down and only 5-10 people attended Mass regularly but that was NOT the case in several parishes where there were literally HUNDRED of parishioners and the church finances were sound, and they were making their required contributions to the diocese even.

I'm attending a variety of Catholic churches- diferent one each week, seeking one that has a similar vibrancy that my closed parish had

I am attending the Community of St. Peter. This is my "new" church.

I am TOTALLY DISGUSTED with the way this closing process was handled. There were groups formed at churches to offer recommendations only to have these recommendations absolutely ignored. This once again came down to MONEY and POLITICS. There was NO real chance for working out what may have been mistakenly perceived as a parish in trouble. The bishop was brought in to basically do a hatchet job as he did in BOSTON and from what I understand will be leaving here to go to Chicago and continue this farce Known as "A Reconfiguration Process." The bishop acts without heart or compassion and seems to have no care at all for any congregation. The bishop should have thought about the Phrase "What would Jesus Do?" before starting this process. If he had, the outcome would have been much different and would not have driven even more people away from attending a Catholic church. This is just another example of the Catholic church in general including all the leaders in Rome of being so out of touch with THEIR Congregation. Being Christian or acting like Christ seems to have been thrown out of their Vocabulary. When I introduce myself as Catholic anymore I feel the need to explain that I in no way support the recent activities of The Catholic Church. These being the so called "Reconfiguration Process" in Boston, Cleveland & soon Chicago and the blatant hiding and reassignment of KNOWN PEDOPHILE PRIESTS for DECADES. Not only is this last practice illegal but it promoted this practice of pedophilia by transferring known criminals to unsuspecting parishes to prey on another group of innocent children. As much as the church would like people to forget this happened, it has been burned into the hearts & minds of many Catholic people for decades. It will continue for many decades to be something All Catholics will never understand how it happened and many will never be able to forgive the church for allowing it to happen. Signed, Raised in The Catholic Church but appalled by its most recent history.

i do not believe the catholic church is interested in my soul's salvation. i am attending a lutheran church where i can pray in my native language.

I belong to the Community og saint Peter I am not sure how we would be classified

I am angry

Its just not the same - Afraid to become attadched as that church will close too!

After the pedofile crisis and the church closings, I have concluded that the church is mostly out for itself. I believe their actions boarder on bullying. I may not be leaving but I am looking. As I expand my horizons, the flaws of the Catholic church become much more evident

The closing made me realize the corruption in our and every diocese and I no longer wish to be a part of the Church, though I continue to take a strong role in protesting.

The service at my church was beautiful and most inspiring. I was at home there. I have not found this anywhere else, and do not believe that I will. I am also angry at the process that closed my church despite the fact that the committee recommendation was to keep my church open. My church was a thriving, viable, spiritually and socially active church. I believe the Bishop closed my church out of greed. It is valuable property. However, I am valuable property too, and do not feel served by this present bishop.

I am now doubting that Bishop Lennon is my spiritual leader, and I refuse to attend another Catholic church over which he presides. I am also shaken that the Pope stood behind Bishop Lennon's decision to close St. Emeric and thus am considering joining a protestant church than is not led by the Catholic mafia.

I continue to be challanged by a church hierarchy that refuses to hear the voice of its flock and treats them as if they are the ignorant peasants of midevel Europe to be bullied and quilted.

They don't want me.


I have a problem attending a Roman Catholic church because of the involvement of the Pope and the Bishop - as evidenced by the closing of my parish, which was unnecessary and completely unfounded. The Roman catholic church has turned into one that cares more about how much money is being brought in than spreading the word of God to it's parishioners, and I have a hard time bringing my children into such an institution. I a attending a non-sanctioned catholic church.

Do you really need a reason? First of all, how dare you close a church, the house of GOD?

I am VERY embittered by my experience with the R.C. church, and how they put individuals like Lennon in positions of authority.

I am attending a RC community not recognized by the diocese.

We have not found a close, welcoming church that our family likes as well as St. Pats.

anger, bitterness, feeling of betrail, fear of investing my trust and support and confidence in a system that will again let me down.

I will not return to the Catholic Church until Bishop Lennon is gone and that's not a 100% guarantee!


We attended the Hungarian Catholic church for all holidays and special events, and some other Sundays we attended a closer Catholic church. Now that the Hungarian Catholic church (St Imre) is closed, we have not felt the same about attending another church for the holidays - the traditions and the language are different, and by extension we are having a harder time attending mass at the closer one - it used to just be supplemental, and we don't want to make it our home parish, so total attendance is practically nil.


unsure how to answer question 5- I have joined the Community of St. Peter. we are not recognized as a church.

I do not have the desire to go to church anymore, I really have to push myselfur

I am worshiping with my former parishioners at a location not approved by the Diocese of Cleveland.

We are currently participating in the Community of St Peter which is technically outside of the recognized Roman Catholic "approved" Church circle.

Nothing close any longer.

I have not found a church that satisfies all my needs. I have narrowed it down but still will have to settle for less than the vibrancy of the church that was closed. It will take time for me to find just the right community.

Want to continue to practice Catholicism.

Have visited many different area churches cannot decide which to join. My husband used to belong to the parish we merged with and he refuses to go back there. I have belonged to St. Patrick my whole life and am finding it very hard to feel comfortable anywhere else.

I AM attending the merged parish, only because the social justice work has been allowed to continue. There is a deep pain in my heart for all of the members of our Diocese. Even those who were not in parishes that have closed or merged have been hurt. Many of my friends and collgues have left the RC Church during the past two years. They have taken their children with them. This process was the last straw for them. Injustice hurts everything and everyone.

I remained a devout Catholic for 20+ years after "being taken advantage of" by a priest during the sacrament of Reconciliation. When that priest committed suicide, and the "church" acted as though he was a hero, I was utterly disgusted and felt BEYOND betrayed. My husband and I (both born/raised Catholic and attended Catholic school) made the painful decision to no longer worship alongside our Catholic family. We have been active members of the ELCA for several years now and have been content with the choice we made. Seeing how Lennon has come in and butchered the Diocese, I can only say my feelings of betrayal are even more justified. Closing churches and "banishing" parishoners for standing up for their communities is just another example of how the "church" and it's "men of the cloth" do not consider the role of the flock when making decisions that affect them.

I did not join a Roman Catholic church...I joined St. Adalbert. When I walked into St. Adalbert for the first time I was a Baptist but I knew I was among friends. I studied, made my Affirmation of Faith, received First Communion and Confirmation. I settled there and now that it has closed I did the same thing at the church I now attend. I am a Christian who chose to become Catholic and I praise God... not the Priest or the Bishop. I celebrate each week with friends at my new chosen church and at times bring others with me in the hopes they will find a home with us. Would I go back to St. Adalbert if it were opened again? I'm not sure at this writing as I don't know if it would just be a matter of time before it would close again. The closing was painful but Bishop Lennon, and no one else can steal my joy and I for sure will not give my joy away. I may leave this church but I pray the wonderful and loving people I share with will never leave me in spirit.

Tried a number of churches but do not feel comfortable. All the people are literly strangers. No cozy feeling. Too much anger has set into my mindset. It is not healthy. I feel what is between my God and myself is how this is going to be. I do not need a catholic Church to be buried from. Bishop Lennon is a hackman and is not looking out to bring his flock togeather. He is worried about the almighty dollar. He is not the kind of Catholic priest I grew up with. I don't like him, his attitude or his actions. He is self centered and dosn't care about the catholic community. He can sugar coat all he wants, he can ignore us all he wants. We the people know what he is about and we don't like it.

I feel the parishes as well as the dioscese has put all faith on us and has had no faith toward us during the process. we were forced to join a parish to maintain parishioner status, sign a paper that we will give 'x' $, and zero promises/commitments made of what we can expext in return. i do not attend but the remainder of my family has. the process in our cluster was not well planned and information seems withheld. plus, now i have an additional parish that i could go to qualify for parishioner tuition status but was told i need 'permission' from the parish that i geographically belong but do not actually even belong to - since my family had joined the 'other' parish. (so who to get 'permission' from? no one can answer this) this option was not presented until well after we were 'forced' to pick a parish. the dioscese should have financially supported the school during this transition so that we weren't forced to join other parish until our home parish actually did close. i also heard that the dioscese went against the cluster plan - information was presented by a dioscesan aide that my not have been accurate - i feel like this was deceptive and not how i act in my life or how i would teach my children to act.

After having St James closed my family and I find it difficult going to other church's without feeling great sadness at the loss of the community that we had been apart of. Having the church closed, against the clusters decision, demonstrates a lack of thoughtfullness and compassion. And since St.James was not merged with another church, this action made us feel as we were cast aside by the catholic church.

My parish was dedicated, sustainable over a long history, and most of all, it was a community of deep faith centered in a historic, unique, and magnificent church. There is simply no replacing it. My faith will endure as a private practice unless my parish is reinstated.

Frustration over being ignored.

I was raised in the Christian Church, and converted to Catholicism when I married. I enjoyed the Catholic Church but cannot find one that I like as much as St. James in Lakewood that was closed. I am looking now at both catholic and protestant churches to attend.

I feel that the parish being closed and not providing at least a merger has left one so to speak without a home. I feel that all previous contributions and sacraments received in my parish have been dismissed and that no one really cares about community just where the money goes.I will probably attend Mass at The Poor Claire Cloister Chapel on Rocky River Dr and contribute my usual funds to their thoughtful prayers.

I attend another Roman Catholic church rather regularly, but the commitment is not there, nor are we active any longer. Will be a while at least before that happens.

I have tried many churches inside our diocese as well as outside (55years old). My parish offered the best of many qualities I sought in a faith filled parish.

I have been a catachist for over 10 years, been baptized, confirmed and married in the catholic church. After witnessing the sloppy closing of over 50 churches in the Cleveland area, I have been changed forever. I will "continue to dance"... but to a different drummer that represents all religions coming together in promoting God's Grace and love in all of us. It feels wonderful to finally be able to put my talents to God's feeding the hungry, providing shelter and clean drinking water to those in need, not to mention providing education for the forgotten ones. Although I will always remain a Christian, I have found a new Religion... Rotary International where community leaders all over the world give back to their country and local well as abroad through five avenues of service. Visit for more information on an organization where 100% of annual giving goes towards doing God's work. All administrative funds come from interest only. The catholic church should look into this concept. God has different plans for everyone. And this plan I can really sink my teeth into because the leadership believes in SERVICE ABOVE SELF. In spite of my heart ache in losing respect for the leadership in the catholic church, I thank God for showing me how to better use my time. I also want to thank the Catholic Church for giving me the best childhood a girl could ever have. Visit YouTube: "Saint James Family Memorial" and you will better understand where I came from and why I am a Rotarian today. I will contine to support the catholic church as a Christian who believes in linking the community together through the goodworks of faith, love and charity they provide. This is my way of staying connected to my former church. And of course, I will continue to be a fisher of men and share in the Eucharist of God's people through their many good works. My prayers will continue to flow with my tears of hope that one day I can rejoin my family in the womb of my original mother...St. James of Lakewood Ohio.

I checked Roman Catholic because, according to Bishop Lennon, the Community of Saint Peter is valid but "improper".

disgusted with the leadership of lennon he is no leader ,he's an arrogant sham of a representative of our faith and those in charge of him are allowing him to do what he wants, and the church heirarchy are wondering why people are not going to church or are leaving , what don't they understand ?

Still havent found a new home.

I'm not attending any other Roman Catholic church because I'm grieving for the loss of my church and family. I feel like I have been orphaned and abandoned. Where I use to find comfort and solace in going to church, I only feel anger and sadness now. Anger that the Bishop in his quest for glory and promotion questions our faith and calls us bad catholics for even daring to question his almighty decision. What kind of spiritual leader is he? For those that say it is just a building and to get over it, shame on you. Churches throughout Europe are appreciated for their design and art work. Why should we feel any different. Would anyone ever dream of closing the Sistine Chapel?

Just not the same. ex - On Halloween morning, in the middle of the closing blessing, the celebrant said he liked Butterfingers.

I really feel DISPLACED since they closed my church that I have attended for the past 48 years!I l don't know if I'll ever "join"another church,especially Catholic.thanks to the lack of trust in the Catholic Diocese lead by Lennon.I gave my blood,sweat,& tears to our parish only to be mislead by our pastor who supposidly was lead by the Diocese.I firmly beleive all these church closings happened to pay for all the higher ups mistakes.If I ever do attend mass reg.again or join a congregation again I'm sure it will be one of another faith.


if and when we do attend again it won't be catholic

I feel that the bishop is not interested in the members of the churches of Cleveland. He disregarded parish reccommendations and made poor choices that prohibit lifelong parishoners and elderly from attending any church at all.He does not seem to be concerned with anyone who does not agree with his decisions,even going so far as to call them un Christian.What would Jesus have done?

I am first of all a Christian who happens to have chosen to become Roman Catholic. In the cluster, our church was supposed to remain open. The bishop elected to close our church but has yet to tell us why. I feel very betrayed by someone who in reality has not handled himself in a Christian manner from the very beginning of his tenure. Those Catholics who have chosen to defy him have been threaten with losing their souls. Is this really how Jesus would have acted? Bishop Lennon came to Cleveland to close churches. He never took the time to learn about the various peoples that make up the diocese and to put himself in their shoes. (He is really just the same as the rest of us; his soul is not better.) When this is over, he will move on to the next town and not worry about what he has left behind. That is very sad for the rest of us.

I am disillusioned with the leadership of the Catholic church. If the hierachy will not be held to the concepts of fairness and goodness why stay. I love the church and everyday people who belonged to my parish the working preists, the sisters and the wonderful people that keep a parish going, but I hate the hierachy, bishops who lie and cover up crimes (talking to you Lennon) out of touch cardinals and a papacy that seems to be completely out of touch with everyday people. I have come to the point where I refuse to follow, listen or obey them any more. Yet I miss my parish and I miss going to mass but I just can't. Our cluster was lied to and then my parish was destroyed. When the powers that be get religion maybe again so will I.

I attend several churches throughout my area, but not frequently or regularly. It is challenging to attend other churches for many reasons. I have not found one that has felt like home yet. And I am waiting for the results of our appeal in Rome.

St. Emeric Church was my church, I want to hear the mass in my own tongue - Hungarian. If we do not re-open, I will start to attend the Lutheran or Reformed Hungarian churches.

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