Monday, July 24, 2017

Mayfield's MacBeth

Mayfield Village has a park complex with an amphitheatre, they are adding resources to it. This summer it has a new roof, it looks good, and its shape helps project the sound. We came Saturday, to hear Blue Water String Ensemble, Sunday for MacBeth. Our view was occluded by a couple with lawn chairs a little too high and wide, they were comfortable. The site is better for listening to music than to watch acting. The play started an half hour later, and light was diminished at the end, but we got there early and caught the sun high, before it settled behind the trees, and the roof over the stage. So there were few fotos that came out well. Cleveland's Shakespeare Company plays several venues, some are better than others. Mayfield got a very good crowd, for one of Shakespeare's better known plays. When you hear the play, you will recognise sentences used as comments in everyday speech. People quote Shakespeare without knowing. We might see Saturday's performance in Lakewood, a better spot for watching.
Director Tyson Rand with a battle behind him
King Duncan and his sons Malcolm  and Donalbain
Actors changing costumes beyond the audience, photographer walking
One of the soldiers of Birnam Wood approaching Dunsinane
Fleance, son of Banquo, and mythical forebear of the Stuarts (Kings of Scotland, and later the Sassenachs [England]

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