Saturday, July 29, 2017

23° Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Historical re-enactors of the Union Army of several regiments marching to commemorate the 152nd anniversary of the dedication of the monument of the war dead of the 23° Ohio Volunteer Infantry at Woodland Cemetery Cleveland Ohio. The monument was set in Cuyahoga County, because that county had the most members of any county in the state.
 sheet music is, Come dearest the daylight is gone
 notice the pattern within the stars
 One of the two cannon of the day fired off this charge
 "The 23rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry monument at Woodland Cemetery is considered the First Regimental Civil War Monument erected in the United States." It was an idea of the soldiers, and paid for by the soldiers in the regiment. Here is the official unveiling of the state historical marker.
 73° Ohio Volunteer Infantry Regiment Band
Light artillerymen

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