Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Walter Jones

Well, there is one good Republican anyway, Congressman Walter Jones of North Carolina. He used to be a Democrat, his father was a Democratic Congressman. Most Republicans vote 100% with the party line, which is usually evil. Now, Jones has heavy conservative and libertarian leanings, but he has been conspicuously human at times.

I remember, when the last Social Justice Conference in the Cleveland diocese was held. It was scheduled when Pilla was bishop, but occurred after his retirement, and it was announced that it would be the last such. So, that was full indication that the new bishop (Lennon) was not a supporter of such a thing. Well, Sr. Simone Campbell spoke about lobbying Congress, and had only four members that were open to such things. Walter Jones was one of the four, and the only one still in Congress. Joseph Biden was another.

Jones was an initial gun-ho supporter of bushjr's Iraqui War. He along with Ney started the "freedom fries" bullshit, but after a time, he opposed that war. He has been quite contrary to his party on some economic issues (minimum wage), and ethics (repeatedly), and has been punished by Republican leadership.

Well, the latest trouble he has gotten himself in (besides requesting Don-the-Con's tax returns to be examined by Congress) is making the request for Devin Nunes to recuse himself from the investigation of RussiaGate.

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