Monday, March 6, 2017

heroin use

Before the local press would talk of illegal drug usage, and it was shown to be minority (Blacks, Hispanics) criminals. Now, Ohio leads the nation for heroin and other opiate use, but all the people shown are white and never suggested to be criminals. Rob Portman (R) heavily used this in his US senate campaign to appear interested and caring [he will go into hibernation until the 2020 presidential campaign needs him to work for the party, and then again in 2022 if he goes for re-election]. Prisons are loaded with people under drug convictions. The Latin America drug cartels supply American users. In the last few years, state after state has put marijuana/cannabis issues on the ballot. 

There is a temporary art installation in Avon Ohio, partly sponsored by Cleveland Clinic. The artist is Ryan Poignon, and he says it can represent the high, and the low experienced after usage.

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