Friday, March 17, 2017

Cleveland St. Patrick's Parade 2017

8th Ohio Voluntary Infantry Regiment (35 years in this parade)
 Joseph Pearce (St. Patrick) during national anthems of Ireland and the United States
 Notre Dame College
 Jason Nichols channel 19/43 weatherman, Ohio University East Green
Leprechaun in the crosswalk
 Saint Helen's Unicycle Drill Team Newbury Geauga County
People in and watching the parade are happy, and do not even have to be asked for pictures. A very good time. Attendance was reduced to-day, because of intense police precautions. Many roads blocked by salt trucks/snow plows and cement barricades. Several pictures here have been horizontally compressed as a squeezebox would be.
 Gaelic Glen Alpacas
 St. Vincent-St. Mary High School
 Local 3 Insulators (ragfitters)

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