Sunday, December 11, 2016

Tuba Christmas

Tucker Jolly conducted his 37th Tuba Christmas (2 performances Saturday at Akron U's performing arts center). Some 450 of the tuba family came, only one had played in all 37 (we here won't go in detail why 38 is not fortunate, but unusually prevalent). They played each carol once, and then again with audience singing. No one knew the words to the Coventry Carol. Many people came with sleigh bells (so many that the introductions were drowned out); there is a television joke that fits here, the one about needing more cowbell, one expected a bobsled to swoosh by. Christmas carols are a French idea, and we are familiar with great German ones. It is a splendid thing. About a third of the audience dressed in red. Santa hats, and reindeer antlers were visible. Some of the tubas had light strands, at least one had a small Christmas tree. If you spy the foto carefully, there is an instrumentalist in pink bunny pajamas, an Union soldier, Santa Claus, and one in a Dickensian suit.  

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