Wednesday, December 14, 2016


I went to the picture show last night, the eighth time this year. The last time i went that frequently was in college. Before the movie, i saw a young man walking his dog, a good looking, happy animal, half poodle, half golden retriever. He was white and named, 'Heisenberg'. He was not uncertain, not after the physicist, but a fictional chemist.

Jackie about the assassination is an instant in historical time worth considering. It had elements of the surreal in the experience, the presentation in the film was not linear. There are moments of meaning to ponder (even moreso now when a buffoon is to seize the presidency). The movie is not great, but important. Natalie Portman will be nominated as best actress, and i would not be surprised she wins awards, although satisfactory, her portrayal is not exceptional in the least. The best acting is by John Hurt as a priest. William White? [reporter] is an interesting character also; he seems to belong in another film. The funniest line in the movie is "and i don't smoke".  The film has Jackie mention the Birchers in Dallas, and Bobby says a quick thought about what could have been and will not be. The record plays Camelot, very good motif.

At the end of the movie we see Jack (at the end of the White House tour programme). For those of us, who can remember the historical personages, he is the only actor catching the sound of his portrayal. Those voices are still remembered by many of us.

Jackie asks a driver does he know who is James Garfield, and then William McKinley. The time from McKinley's death to Kennedy's is almost exactly the time from Kennedy's death to now.

Jack Valenti, an aide to Johnson, was a shit in the movie. Valenti would become the long time spokesman for Hollywood.

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