Friday, December 23, 2016

the word for the day is — Gleichschaltung

Germans like compound words. The fascist period of German history had added words to the dictionary. Our word of the day literally is 'equal switching', some historians are using the word 'forcible coordination'. There were institutions prior, they were co-opted, replaced, had a parallel substitute, or additions to change the focus. I was reminded of this by an article i read to-day with the foto attached. For some of us Christmas is the birth of the Saviour of the World, for some it is a time of family and social celebrations, for some it is a money making opportunity; for the Nazis it was another vehicle of propaganda. The Christian aspects were shadowed by Teutonic paganism, and of course — the party. This replacement of current things by new things should be weighed by what purpose. The loyalty of say, ah, um, 'Fox' listeners and their disdain for other media to the point of rejecting all that does not currently align with their agenda is to be noted. We have entered a new chapter of American history.

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