Saturday, October 29, 2016

the living paint themselves dead

Día de los Muertos Cleveland Ohio

The blending of Christian and pre-Christian traditions of Mesoamerica acknowledges the experience with death in the living. It here is an opportunity to appreciate the art of face painting, coloring live skin to appear as decorated bone.

One of the odd things was to see people as dressed skeletons tethered to their mobile phones. I saw a lot of it, but all the photo attempts proved unsatisfactory, it was hard to catch a well composed foto. The spots around the old St. Mary Romanian campus were congested with people, to isolate subjects was not easy. I do try to snap shots while people stand for other photographers, whether consciously or not, some of these photographers make it difficult. On these occasions they flap their arms, and move about so as to obstruct or appear in the shot. Often, for other shots, they jump very close and centered and stay and become like a wall. Courtesy is not an active concept in their behaviour.

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