Monday, October 17, 2016


In the past, i usually put up these essays on the day the event being discussed happened. Now, it takes more time. One reason is that celebrations like to be celebrated on the weekends, and i have more than one event i go to. Another reason is no deadline, i have no boss, no financial gain, and the audience (if it exists) is minuscule; friends and relatives are not interested.

Lakewood's Spooky Pooch parade was their ninth, and on a very warm day for mid-October. The word, i heard the most often was 'awesome'. If any dog was so named, he would have turned his head many times. The first costumed hounds i saw were with this matador. I thought the costume and idea was great. There were prizes to be given, and i immediately thought she would get a medal. She did. One malamute played the bull, and had horns, and was like Ferdinand in demeanor. The small one had a cowbell, and a Holstein costume. I pestered them on the idea, and the dogs names. I forgot, maybe one was 'Luna'.
There was a parade, but the better fotos came with people sitting with their hounds.
Kaitlyn Bush was on assignment her journalism professor at Case Western told her to go to such events and write a report. Kaitlyn wrote down a quote from me, it was something very similar to what Thoreau had written, "Fires, shootings, and car wrecks are tragedies; but they are not news".  She found Summer disguised as a Rastafarian. Summer's owner had his doggy's name on his shirt. It was obvious, he had much affection with his furry companion. They have come to the parade in the past, and with the same outfit. I was looking for Finnegan the Irish setter, and Lakewood's most famous dog. I did not see him.
I met Shakespeare the Doberman. I have considered naming a hound 'Shakespeare'.  When i was a small child many years ago, the buzz was that Doberman Pinschers were terrors, and the most dangerous and vicious of dogs. One stomped on my foot then. I found him, and them not following the then reputation, if anything, i found them oafish.
Two families came as the Addams Family. This was the smaller cast: Morticia, Fester, Gomez, and Wednesday (a greyhound named Boom).
Cleopatra here road on a couch.

At the very end of the parade, this Basset went to the ground, and could not be coaxed to move. Eventually the hound had to be picked up, and carried.

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