Sunday, October 16, 2016


Friday, i saw a note on the birdy page that 14 avocets were at the Lorain impoundment. And yes, they were; my first viewing of an avocet. They are worth looking at. They are wading birds, and hunt insects and other tiny creatures in the mud. The avocets are related to the stilts, how they differ is their long, thinner beaks are curved upwards. The females more so. They swing their beaks like a a scythe through the water. When they are spotted in Ohio, they are migrants resting and feeding so as to be able to continue onward.
It is noted that colonies of avocets are very territorial, and will shoo other birds away. Above, a group of coots (mudhens) swim at peace. There were coots in the larger expanse of pond and reeds, occasionally calling. Coots do not 'sing', their sound is pleasant none-the-less.
The avocets stayed close together in a mini flock, but here above, a female mallard and a greater yellowlegs sandpiper mixed in. The avocets gave no notice.
Sometimes, i go to see birds, and a feeling of warm serenity washes over me. It did so with the avocets.

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