Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Seeing the Elephant

Well, i went to see the elephant to-day. [re: click] That is a 19th century term. A big thrill of entertainment had been to see a traveling circus. This was also a term for the first sight of battle. All this anticipation, and then the let down.

Well, i was not sure i was going. I missed the first day. Lots of out of town police, state police units waiting about in groups. When i walked by, the malls were empty. Public Square was very busy, as was East 4th. It was like a sideshow carnival:  a lot of vendors, a few barkers. So, i saw it as an opportunity to view people. I was not there long. All the asphalt, cement, and sun did not make me comfortable with the July heat.
The essence of it all.  #RNC2016 #ThanksRNC #ClevelandUnderOccupation
list of prohibitions, this was on the Lorain Bridge side
item#26 "There is no constitutional right to carry a tennis ball, however. (V)" — Votemaster
 (blues men) Indiana State Police
 Mounted police from Ft. Worth Texas
 Peace soldier, Viet Nam veteran, Captain Lou Pumphrey on E. 4th
 vendor on Public Square
Well, yeah

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