Thursday, July 21, 2016

Last day of the circus

A lot of the interesting pictures are from Public Square, which has just re-opened after major reconfiguration, and construction. The one thing that has not been moved, is the massive monument (and museum) memorialising those who fought and died for the Union. Supra is part of a statue group.
One of the added items is a group of water spouts. See the shirt the girl is wearing, most probably not a Republican.
PETA can be interesting, or stupidly provocative. There were two stilt walking 'sisters' (the second a guy with whiskers--not cool).
A lot of police, a lot of good pictures. One Michiganer told me twenty one states. A Hoosier told me he wasn't allowed to share the information because of security concerns.
These anti-Catholic bigots made sure they would be seen on the live teevee feed. There were signs on both sides of the picket stick.
The little Don the Con's head is too small. The vendor said he's going to Philadelphia. The picture taker had a media badge, and proclaimed her hatred for the 'liberal media'.
 More expensive cameras, bigger jerks attached, this guy squatted and took a minimum of a dozen shots, also used the movie function. My one picture is better than his.
 These kite puppets are with the Cleveland Museum of Art.
With all the partisan strangers in town, a little local balance is needed.

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