Monday, August 24, 2015

One World Day

Cleveland Cultural Gardens is a unique series of gardens, the only permanent such place anywhere. World fairs have exhibits from many nations and states, but Cleveland has one as an institution. And for seventy years it has participated in One World Day, a celebration of the United Nations and the goal of world peace (needless to say this is not looked upon favorably by all political parties, and especially their jingoistic wing, and their conspiracy theory nuts). This year, the day was 23 August.

This tiny booklet makes a great souvenir. One goes to a table in participating gardens, and has the sections 'stamped'. Last year this was done for children, and this year expanded for adults.

 Ona Puckoriute and her puppets
So many people wearing costumes are immediately willing to pose for pictures without saying a word. They do not know the photographer, but are willing to share their image. I am a bit shy to ask, and often sneak an unposed shot. A photographer for the local daily also took her portrait, and asked her name (otherwise i would not know). Ms. Puckoriute was a Lithuanian actress.
 Chinese dancers
 Vietnamese information table
 statue seems to be looking surprised
 Latvian arch

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