Saturday, August 22, 2015

пapma & клiвленд oгaйo

I went to see another parade in Parma. This one was good. The last one was on Ridge, this was a little further east, on State. The Ukrainians and virtually all their cultural institutions marched. The parishes marched with gonfalones (religious banners).
Pokrova (Protection of Mary), Holy Trinity, St. Andrew
Greco-Catholic, Kyivan Patriarchate, Ukrainian Catholic parishes
Flower girls passed out yellow and blue dyed carnations, i was given a yellow one. Hooray for Ukrainians!
 and children are often unassumingly cute
Holy Trinity marched by St. Vladimir with a four footed Ukrainian in national dress. Dogs (as are horses) are natural marchers, and belong in parades.
 One of the highlights of a Parma parade are the sousaphones from Normandy High.

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