Saturday, January 31, 2015

Merton at 100

Thomas Merton: Alive at Fourth & Walnut, a one man, one hour performance at Ursuline College by James Nagle. This needs to be filmed and aired. Anyone out there from PBS (local affiliate WVIZ) or EWTN?  I think James has been performing this for six years. 

A couple of the vignettes were among my favorites: The priest who baptised Thomas, told him to go in the church and imagine Jesus telling you "Do not be afraid" and tell Him your greatest fear; When one enters religious life, a new name is given. Thomas became Louis, after the sainted king of the French. Thomas' favorite quote of St. Louis was, "I think more of the place where I was baptized than of Rheims Cathedral where I was crowned. It is a greater thing to be a child of God than to be the ruler of a Kingdom. This last I shall lose at death but the other will be my passport to an everlasting glory."

part of some 270 in attendance
Fourth and Walnut is in Louisville Kentucky, it was there that Merton had a moment of realisation/revelation on 18 March 1958, that he loved all people and they were "walking around shining like the sun".

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