Wednesday, January 14, 2015

knock, knock

A pair of Jehovah Witnesses rang my doorbell. Near the steps, there is a statue of Saint Anthony of  Lisbon and Padua. The lead woman made reference. This has happened before. They do not give a fig about Saint Anthony of Padua [click]. It is a hook into conversation, and none is to be about Anthony. These porch hoppers are evangelisers, they are Protestants outside Christianity. They in their way, invite; but it is very programmed, and therefore devious. It is in the manner at work, and school, and elsewhere; it is not an open discussion, but a leading, directed discussion thoroughly created to only promote their point. This sort of salesmanship is thoroughly American, and i thoroughly dislike it.

They are a pushy cult. They are ridiculous. By their own logic, they should stop. The group used to call itself 'Bible Students', they claim like some other Protestants to be strict 'Bible believing'. They used to refer to themselves as 'colporteurs' (book salesmen), and now 'publishers'. They have a huge printing facility in Brooklyn. They have a never ending production of new literature. And of their beliefs: 144,000 will get to heaven. They have a multi-million membership. They had expected the last day a century ago, the dates changed. They continue to recruit. Why???? Have not all the tickets been claimed? What if the new recruits are of that number, and the recruiter is not? Over booking, wasted effort.

Other than the annoyance factor, they are like property taxes, they must get you twice a year, they are not that bad to others. They do have their own terminology for others, which is truly demeaning, that few know about. Total frankness is not their policy, in 'theocratic warfare' one lies.

It is good that they are apolitical pacifists, of course that gets them abuse, and persecution. The Hitlerites sent them to the camps over that. Other than proselytising, they seclude themselves from society. They are not involved in politics, they do not vote, they do not take jobs where they can kill. Many who were children, did not find the faith enjoyable, and leave when they leave their parents; but so do people from other faiths.

One who left the childhood faith was Dwight Eisenhower. He went to West Point Military Academy. After retiring as a general, he became President of Columbia University. None of that would be expected of a Jehovah Witness.

President Harry Truman wanted Eisenhower to be the next Democratic presidential nominee. In 1951, he declared as a Republican. Neither major party nominee for the presidency in 1952 was a Christian. Eisenhower was not baptised until after he became President. Adlai Stevenson was an Unitarian.

Of the things that Jehovah Witnesses do not do are:  salute the flag, pledge allegiance to the flag, sing the national anthem. In 1948 there began a movement to insert the words "under God". This came to the attention of Eisenhower in 1954, and he and Congress had this done. Ironic Ike.

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  1. It is normal for ideological bodies to splinter and branch off over time, or at least to continually re-invent themselves. This process is hastened by the time and distance of new continents. Personally, I get a kick out of the Swedenborgs and the Quakers.