Saturday, September 27, 2014

more chalk drawings

 trompe-l'œil is great, deceiving, vivid ultra-realism
 there are always lions
this takes place in late summer, and there are always funereal autumn scenes

Some annual events are so good, that, to miss them is a shame. Cleveland Art Museum has had for several years a chalk drawing weekend on the sidewalk. This year, it changed the date a week, because a wedding had been scheduled (i am told), and during the change of management, schedules were not synchronised. Well, this year the Cultural Gardens Fest was expanded, and placed concurrently. The road and other construction about University Circle make traffic and traveling on roads not so easy. I decided to come the Monday morning after to see the work. This allowed me to come at a time when all the art was done, only bicycle tracks damaged the sketches.

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