Thursday, September 18, 2014

Again to pray at St. Casimir before Our Lady of Częstochowa

Some people believe they see the Hand of God involved on earth, and call this a 'miracle'. Some people see something good succeeding over great difficulties, and call that a 'miracle'. In some cases both opinions exist in the same action.

Some of you may know, that, Cleveland Mass Mob first came to Saint Casimir's. There was more than one reason to come there first. Mary the Mother of God has several national representations. Many nations have a particularly loved vision of her. The Poles have Our Lady of Częstochowa. When the parish was evicted in November of 2009, Michael Klymiuk-Wieczerski had a dream the night thereafter. He saw her and she said, "Don't leave me". This began the prayer vigils of the street, for 139 consecutive Sundays, the Casimiri gathered outside the church, until the Sunday they could come inside the church.
 St. Casimir's sanctuary. 19 January 2014.
A parishioner, John Niedzialek, knew Veronica Dahlberg. She is an advocate for local Mexican émigrés, many whom worked in agriculture and horticulture. First, Ricardo Ramos and his family came to pray at St. Casimir. On one occasion eighty people walked a twenty mile pilgrimage to St. Casimir, and carried a statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Since then there has been a statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe in St. Casimir.
St. Casimir Cleveland: Luis Nicasio Padilla left, Ricardo Ramos center, Veronica Dahlberg right.
Then came Luis Nicasio Padilla and his family to pray for intercession. To-day, both families remain together here in Ohio. [click for several foto essays]

Now, Pedro Hernandez Ramirez and his family are coming to St. Casimir to pray for intercession. The field office in Detroit for Immigration and Customs Enforcement of  Department of Homeland Security has a history of overzealous policing, contrary to official policy which "prioritizes the removal of public safety and national security threats", and the 'Morton Memo' which reads "that immigrants in deportation proceedings can remain in the U.S. if they are good people with strong ties in the United States". 

The New York Times has seen this latest story as an example [click] of the inconsistency of the 'immigration' quandary. It is caught in electoral politics. The president is treading gingerly, and executive decision has not come forth.
update from WKSU [click]

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