Monday, September 15, 2014

birds on Homer Simpson Beach

 Perry Nuclear Generating Plant, the right tower has never been in operation.
Northern Wheatear is a tundra bird (north of 60° latitude), here in winter (non-breeding) plumage. They winter in sub-Saharan Africa. This is a thrush (some argue flycatcher), like a robin. The last several days he has hopped on logs near the lighthouse. He is the first celebrity bird in several months to camp out in northeast Ohio. There was about a dozen birders i encountered to-day. They came from Toledo, Columbus, and Marion. No one i encountered was from northeast Ohio. One can check on updates at American Birding Association's Ohio page [click].
Birders were enforcing a thirty yard approach. This bird was not too flighty, a little skippy. The fewer people, the closer they could come. A Cooper's hawk was strafing the beach, and also about the tree line.
Black-bellied Plover also came down from the tundra. Summer plumage chest and belly are black. This fellow was easily approachable to within ten yards

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