Wednesday, June 11, 2014

There was a primary election in Virginia yesterday

It may have started with popcorn, it ended with champagne.

The two happiest people in D.C. last night:
1--John Boehner
2--Barack Obama

Also, me here.

Cantor is a smug, smarmy, wretched individual. Now he can go get money at Fox.

A cursory read of the press has their view that Cantor lost to a teabagger more extreme than he on the issue of immigration. This ignores the facts that Virginia has an open primary, that more people voted this year than in 2012 (which was the presidential year), Cantor did not want federal aid for his district after earthquake and storm damage, he being only a few miles away in DC and doesn't show much interest in his district, and really is an insufferable p**** and SOB who is reminiscent of the Eddie Haskell television character, and many people would really want to slap the s*** out of him (except for the mess that would entail).

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