Saturday, June 21, 2014

Cliven fan[atic]

Cliven Bundy is what the outside world considers a member of a domestic terrorist group. Since he is a white racist (and also a Republican) he had major support from US senators Heller and Rand, and Fox News [sic] Group, until he shot his mouth off proving he was a racist. His armed standoff with the federal government attracted others ("civilan militia"), including a married couple who went on to kill two policeman, and a third man. Then Fox and many of their ilk forgot he existed.

Cliven [this is a sort of name Mormons invent] said, some Americans were "better off as slaves, picking cotton". As a Mormon, and as a present day Republican (although he has recently left that party, it was not conservative enough), his view of history and politics is non-standard [fiction]. He claims as personal rights over land that would only make sense if he had conquered that land.

 Cliven still has his supporters [click on picture to read script]
I took this foto on the 16th of June, and hesitated to put it here. The last time out, i talked to the owner, and she was pleasant; but she is nuts.
postscriptum: on a semi-related note pointed at idiots, see Doonesbury for June 22, 2014

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