Friday, May 9, 2014

'M' is for Migratory

Early May is the best time for birding in Ohio. Magee Marsh (Ottawa) often gets national attention, as we are in the biggest week in birding. Migratory Bird Day is this Saturday. The most numerous species will be the warblers.

The last three days, i went to Cuyahoga Heights, North Ridgeville, Brecksville, and the mouth of the Cuyahoga, and many birds, and few people looking at them.
 Myrtle Warbler, sub species of Yellow Rump Warbler
 Spring starts with the return of the red-winged blackbirds.
All four parks had Baltimore Orioles visible. Thursday, there were several frolicking about Wendy Park.

I was told by an ornithologist, yesterday, for every Swainson's thrush you see, a thousand flew over the lake the night before.
A scarlet tanager is visible from a goodly distance away.

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