Tuesday, May 13, 2014

a difference between people

There are people of good will, and there are others. Sometimes this is readily apparent in political views. A terrible thing has happened in Nigeria. There is a #BringBackOurGirls social media campaign to bring attention, and to push for a good end. Boko Haram (a Moslem guerrilla and bandit group) kidnapped 200-300 teenage schoolgirls, they have only value to them as sexual flesh. They want to forcibly islamicise them and sell for use. Many regular, and prominent people have used a social media convention to focus attention.

Now, there is a political faction in the United States that mocks the participants in this activity. Some of it is racism, the hatred of black people; and some of it is just that ultra-conservative streak in this country, which combines that racism, with nationalistic jingoism, and hatred of anything that Democrats may approve of.  There are individuals who profit off this sort of thing, political, mercenary, agitator-clowns.
Ann Coulter makes a grand living by obnoxious spite in the guise of 'humour', she is an operative of what Hillary Clinton so accurately called "the vast right wing conspiracy".
The internet, and social media can by sarcasm neutralise arrogance, falsity, and crudity of inhumanity, and propaganda. Here some one has a  view on Coulter's 'humour'.

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