Sunday, July 7, 2013

Cyril and Methodius

Vatican City issued these three stamps on 22 November 1963 to commemorate the eleven hundred years since Cyril (Constantine the Theologian) and his brother Methodius' arrival to Greater Moravia, and the beginning of the translation of the Holy Scriptures into (what is now called) Old Slavonic, and the creation of the Glagolithic precursor to the Cyrillic alphabet.
As i have mentioned before [click, here too ] these peripatetic brothers were apostles to many lands, and as they wandered to many lands, their feast day has wandered about calendars. Different nations have celebrated, and do still on different days. From 1887 to 1969 on the general Roman calendar their feast day was on the 7th of July. For the Czechs and Slovaks it is still a national holiday on the 5th of July.
In Russia, the feast day is 24 May. For that day, this year, Russia released this souvenir issue for the 1150th anniversary of the Slavonic evangelisation. Another stamp was issued the same day from Belarus.
A joint issue from Slovakia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, and Vatican City. 
This is the Slovak one from June 12th 2013.

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