Friday, July 12, 2013

Wellington Ohio

Wellington is proudest of Archibald Willard. Willard was a Union veteran, and painter. He painted subjects of war. His famous painting is The Spirit of '76 [originally, Yankee Doodle]. It was so popular at the Philadelphia Centennial Exposition of 1876, it toured the country thereafter. He painted it at least three times more. The image is visible about the village. The original was bought by the father of the drummer boy, which he presented to his hometown, Marblehead Massachusetts.
The date of this memorial is Armistice Day 1940. Notice, the 1917 war is not numbered. There was room for additional entries, for a time.
an addendum was needed
In the gilded age, after the War for Union, southern Lorain County made a lot of cheese. This building had the largest cheesemaker in the area.

The center of the village sits on the crossroad of SR18 and 58. Amongst the businesses, there are eateries, more than one pizzeria. This one had painted in the doorway this caricature.
A local credit union disguised an ATM machine as a one horse coach. The business end is on the other side. They camouflaged an ugly machine into a very large lawn decoration.

An ash tree on the edge of Wellington's St. Patrick's church's parking lot died. The pastor, Fr. James Reymann (then 88) had Bud Emerson carve a statue of the parish's patron out of the trunk last summer. Emerson carves with a chain saw. Emerson dated the work 10-17-12.

For a small parish, the grounds are meticulous. They have the modern church, and the original church on the property.

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