Sunday, October 2, 2011

Parish life continues

The pastor, Capuchin Fr. Philip, at Holy Spirit parish (Garfield Hts) at St. Timothy's church places items from St. Catharine's time capsule on St. Catharine's altar, between Sunday Masses. They will be sent to the diocesan archives.
After St. Casimir's prayer service, a television cameraman interviewed Wojciech Fleszar, the prayer leader, and then another parish member for WEWS-5.
this was a flash picture, which only illuminated the litter and retablo
At St. Michael's, Fr. Ernesto, a Peruvian priest from Youngstown celebrated Mass to a standing room crowd. They celebrated SeƱor de los Milagros (Our Lord of Miracles), for Our Lord of Miracles is also Our Lord of Immigrants. After Mass a litter carried by some thirty cargodores of the double retablo processes from the altar through the main aisle. The cargodores are clothed in purple mantles as penitents. They are proceeded by sahumadoras (women bearing incense burners).
almost to the narthex, it will be lowered to exit; the movement throughout is adagissimo

a dance before the outdoor marchwaiting and viewing before circuiting the block

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