Friday, October 7, 2011

Concerning one sentence of lies by Robert Tayek

detailing the lies
The compact, and efficient use of lies some people employ is their talent. The spokesman for the Cleveland Roman Catholic Diocese, Robert Tayek, has this ability. Note this photograph, and the lies it reveals in this one sentence:
Tayek said, "The plaques were located in an area of the church, the bell tower, which was unusable and had been closed off as unsafe for some time. ..."
Lies 1 & 2 Note: only one memorial war plaque is near, but not inside the bell tower.
Lie 3 The other tablet was on the nave wall opposite this wall, and at the time of the photograph in the heap of rubble.
Lie 4 Note: worker inside bell tower. The supposed unsafe bell tower is where a worker stands to water the dust down. The rest of the building, except the facade is rubble. The floor in front of the steeple has disappeared. Later the facade was taken down. The bell tower was, perhaps, the sturdiest and strongest part of the building. If not this worker's (see last foto) life was in danger for all the hours he stood in the bell tower.
Lie 5 Note: gray rectangles with crosses on top, on either side of the entrance way of the tower. These were where stations of the cross plaques were removed, while the war memorial tablet remained.
probable Lie 6 Note: no evidence area was closed off.photograph taken Friday 23 September 2011.
worker inside tower wetting demolition, building visible is the school
Postscriptum: Saturday, 8 October 2011.
Later, Tayek would write this similar lie on the diocesan website:
"It was explained to reporter O’Malley that the plaques remained in the building as an oversight since no one had been inside the bell tower for some time because that portion of the structure was condemned."
After lying to the reporter, Tayek then prints a similar lie for the diocesan website; but he is complaining that the reporter wrote what he said, and then Tayek writes the statement again. He is upset that the reporter acted as a stenographer. Tayek then writes more lies. In one fashion he wishes to deny that the plaques were left in the building, that the organ was left in the building, and was subsequently destroyed, and that the building was demolished. He also libels two concerned Catholics that found the plaques, and notified him of the initial plaque. Tayek invents lies, and says the same events, did happen, and did not happen. He also defines truth as that which does not embarrass the
"Church", and the "Church" for him is not all members, but only the administrators. Now, consider all the other documented lies he has invented. What exactly is his job description?


  1. Too funny! You should be a detective or a trial lawyer. Tayek makes Pinocchio look like an amateur.

  2. A simple apology by the Diocese as to the War Plaque oversight would have been accepted by everyone. Instead, another cover up and false accusations. What is so sad is people's hard earned money going to collections to pay for Tayek's salary. Time for an honest spokesperson.