Friday, October 21, 2011

Ohio voting

Now, if you are fair minded individual let us pose this: now, suppose you are a Republican, your party cries about government waste. Now, you should be aware they want two primaries next year. Why would this be 'hypocritical'? Two primaries cost more than one. But, here is a thing — hypocrisy is a core requirement.

Some counties were sending out applications for absentee voting automatically. The brand new Republican Secretary of State, Jon Husted, forbade this. Well, that would save money, and reduce voting.

Now, Republicans do not want all people voting. They have invented the non-existent threat of 'voter fraud'. They solve this straw man falsity with voter suppression. They have done this in state after state. All this costs money, and it is wasted to solve a non-existent problem, but it does reduce voting. It is a new form of poll tax, which is unconstitutional (yes, more hypocrisy, but we are talking about Republicans).

Now, the real danger is Republicans controlling the elections. The fraud comes in the counting of votes. Republicans cannot be trusted in the counting of votes (you must remember Florida in 2000, and Ohio in 2004; which gave us eight years of the cheney/bushjr rĂ©gime). An allied problem is gerrymandering, the drawing of districts in odd ways so to greatly favor certain candidates. The Republicans are against democratic government. The voice of the people mean nothing, what counts is gaining control of government. Two primaries here will be confusing, and will discourage some from voting — mission accomplished.

When Republicans control government, they are ruthless. Kasich and the State House are against worker rights, and wish to remove all of them. Ohio allows (for the time being, anyway) for the public (quite often it is business interests) to propose state ballot issues. In this case, Issue 2 concerns the passed Senate Bill 5. A 'No' vote will negate that law.

Now, as they constantly prove themselves, they are hypocrites. In one commercial they have a 'teacher' say he is for the passage "and not believe everything you here". What he doesn't tell you is, that, he is a Republican county chairman. In another commercial they take a woman's statement and present it as in their favor. She is not in favor. The Republicans say it is their first amendment right to take her words, and use them as they wish. Compare this to what Republicans say about property rights.

Now they are running a commercial claiming "excessive wages and benefits" of "government employees make 43% more than the rest of us". Sounds what Republicans would generally call 'class warfare'. Of course, they do not complain against those that make 10,000% more than the rest of us.

Not only are they mean-spirited hypocrites, but the self-contradictions of supposed 'principles' they violate should disqualify them from receiving the votes from honest, and rational voters. They do have a 'faithful core' that overlook these sorts of things, but then again blind men are not interested in the paint jobs of jalopies.
Postscriptum: 25 October 2011. Now they are running a new commercial complaining that government workers get better pay, benefits, and conditions than "us". Okay, does that apply to the top 1% of us? Of course not, the same people who paid for the campaign, and support Kasich and his ilk, would try to scare "us" about that sort of "class warfare". Consistency is just not their thing.

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