Saturday, August 13, 2011

St. Lawrence at St. Mary's

The vigil Mass, Saturday at St. Mary of the Assumption in Collinwood [Cleveland] also celebrated the patron saint of St. Lawrence Parish, which met for the Mass. The pastor of St. Mary's, Fr. John Kumse, after the homily on the Gospel told the story of the martyred deacon of Rome. At the end of Mass, he made a public appreciation of the Laurentian émigré diaspora coming to St. Mary's.

August 10th is Saint Lawrence's Day. That fell on a weekday, so the commemoration was done to-day, so as to get a bigger gathering. Saint Lawrence's choir sang in the loft, more in slovene than in english. Several sacramentals from St. Lawrence's parish had been redeemed by St. Mary's after Lennon had the diocese ransom the goods. There are several windows, statues and paintings from St. Lawrence's church in place at St. Mary's. Some of the members of St. Lawrence raised a collection to offset the bounty paid.

Beyond that, Lennon had received a final payment of $550,000 from the parish account of St. Lawrence after he evicted them. All in all, Lennon made a small fortune off of this suppressed parish, and there is still money to be made.
“Lawrence, the renowned Deacon of the Roman Church, confirmed his service of charity by martyrdom under Valerian (258), four days after the decapitation of Pope Sixtus II. According to a tradition widely diffused by the fourth century, he patiently sustained a terrible martyrdom on the grid-iron, having distributed the goods of the community to the poor whom he regarded as the true treasure of the Church.” — from the Roman missal

He[roman prefect] demands of the guileless guardian[Lawrence] of the sanctuary that the church wealth on which his greedy mind was set should be brought to him. But the holy deacon showed him where he had them stored, by pointing to the many troops of poor saints, in the feeding and clothing of whom he had a store of riches which he could not lose, and which were the more entirely safe that the money had been spent on so holy a cause. — from St. Leo the Great's sermon [85] on St. Lawrence

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