Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Of Republican bullies (cowards)

Ohio in the 2010 repuke wave cast John Kasich as governor. It did not take long for serious buyer's remorse to set in. Kasich shot off his mouth as if he was a dictator. He wanted to be a general in the war against labor. He shoved S.B. 5 into law. An extremely successful recall petition drive has put the repeal on the ballot. Only now (and here) does he want to talk. As Laura Clawson sarcastically writes, “he's a 'believer in talking,' not because he's a bully who's afraid he's going to lose”.

Now, Wisconsin has recalled and replaced two Republican state senators with Democratic senators. All sorts of shenanigans were employed by the Republicans before this. Walker is more stupid, but otherwise the exact same sort of governor as Kasich. Walker went on national cable television to say, that voters “told us not just in Tuesday's results but I think they told us in the months leading up to it, they want us to do more to work together and so that's exactly what we're going to do”. Walker can also be recalled next year, he wants no one to talk about recalls now. Yes, when he can try anything (and get away with it), he doesn't want to negotiate, or relent. When he fears for his job, it is let us talk, and don't go extreme in action.

This is why repukes should not be given power. They think they are Henry VIII, until it falls apart, and then they are sniveling shits.

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