Monday, May 30, 2011

Mass amongst the Gravestones, and they were told not to wear green

Saint Patrick West Park Cleveland held a Mass on Memorial Day in the church's graveyard. Some 120 people came, and they were told not to wear green, for the chancery sees that as a political message [which they disapprove of, highly]. The grass did not obey. Throughout the diocese it would be hard to find many Masses held to-day with a greater attendance.
the altar, and early arrivals
The church itself was denied them for three hours short of a year exact. They did have Mass to-day. The celebrant had been an associate there, a few years ago. Before Mass, he had two announcements: the first was about the Communion Hosts, They would be broken up [he did not expect such a turnout], none-the-less, the size does not matter It is fully the Sacrament, and since it might be windy, and the ground is uneven, take care, and we will come to you to distribute; the second was a scolding of the congregation, and a solid, if extreme, defense of the bishop, do not think this improves your hope of re-opening, this is a Mass and however close the political underlying message is to the surface — discount it, you were closed for lack of your financial support [he mentioned this again as an aside in the homily].

The Mass is always a political act. Jesus was condemned as a political prisoner and executed. Mass has been celebrated, often against the wishes of the powers that be (whether they were protestants, turks, communists, fascists, atheists or madmen).

Saint Patrick 'owed' assessments to the chancery, perhaps two score of the parishes had healthy bank accounts; if finances were paramount, then those parishes should be open now. And of course, at times, finances were not the reason why parishes were closed; every rationale offered, has also been denied. Saint Patrick's was one of few territorial parishes closed, the nationality parishes were flush with money.
The altar table and most of the congregants were in the shade of a maple tree higher than the utility poles, but not as high as the church. There was plenty of traffic noise. The parish is under the landing approach of the aeroport. It is not as much a flight lane, as a flight groove. Aeroplanes barely cleared the church, and were often, laterally, within fifty feet of direct vertical of the Mass.
Communion was distributed. Near the end, there were two Portions that fell. They were scooped up, one by the priest, and one by the extra-ordinary minister and eaten. Catholics believe the Host is truly the Body of Christ, and it would be an insult to the Deity to be left alone upon the ground.
After Mass, many stayed for a Rosary. They believe Mary, the Mother of God, will hear their petitions.

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