Tuesday, March 1, 2011

In Columbus to stop Kasich

On the first day of March people came to the Statehouse in Columbus, Ohio. It was announced 20,000 were there exercising Democracy. They were on the steps, on the lawn, around the entire complex, on the sidewalks and inside. It began hours before noon, and ended hours after noon. A river of people flowed in, and out.

John Kasich used to be a tool of the fascist oligarchy whilst in Congress. He then left for Wall Street to secure millions in bonuses. He was no longer a tool, but a part of the brotherhood. His outfit, Lehman Brothers, went bankrupt, and he took a fill in job at Fox to launch into the governorship of Ohio.

In the cabal of the Republican Party, Rupert Murdoch (News Corp/Fox and Roger Ailes/Wall Street Journal), the Koch brothers, and fellow travellers a great bamboozle of the American people took place in November, and in January they set to take the country over. The first state to be a battleground was Wisconsin. Their agenda was to reduce the unions. The unions are the only substantial counterweight to their control. Various academicians and a few clerics make statements against these moneyed powers, but they have been effectively neutralised and ignored. So the attack is on the unions.

Scott Walker, the new governor of Wisconsin is happy to oblige his masters. Ian Murphy of the Buffalo Beast pretended to be David Koch. He spoke to Walker for twenty minutes on the phone. Walker the dutiful servant of the (pretend) oligarch joyfully divulged everything, including to being in daily conversation with the new Ohio governor. Walker, apparently believes in the righteousness cause, although taking unlawful and unethical means to achieve them are not given a thought.
Now Fox has covered Wisconsin, as it does everything, in a thoroughly mendacious manner. Recently, evidence has come to the fore to show a reporter lied about being assaulted by an union demonstrator. In FAUX News it is procedure and policy to lie from the very top. Its chairman, Roger Ailes, may be indicted for a single instance (of many).
In Columbus the throngs came. It was a light carnival atmosphere. People sang the Star Spangled Banner, Amazing Grace, We Shall Not Be Moved. The president, James Hoffa Jr, of the Teamsters spoke, as well as a kid working at Kroger's. A local Methodist bishop introduced the speakers. A Dominican sister from Cincinnati spoke. It was a well mannered rally on a chilly St. David's Day, on a flagpole flew the Welsh standard for David and his Wales, one of the many fine details to be seen that most did not notice.

There were no counter protesters. There were at least two dozen state patrolmen inside the Statehouse, and several at the entrances. Always watching. There were four horsemen, and two police dogs. There were motorcycle, and cruiser cops on the streets. It was languid duty. Many of the attendees were police force themselves. Cleveland sent two buses of safety forces alone.

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