Sunday, January 9, 2011

Toxicity of Tucson Tea

Saturday afternoon, in a Tucson shopping center, a man attempted to assassinate a Congressman and then continued to fire his gun till the bullets were spent. Six people are dead, fourteen others wounded. The man was extremely crazed. It is impossible not to believe, that, the atmosphere and environment he was experiencing did not affect his thought and action.

In 1964, Barry Goldwater was a senator and Republican candidate for president. He was the leader of the conservatives. To-day, he would be the most 'liberal' of Republicans. Arizona is a hot bed for Republican insanity.

Joe Arpaio is the sheriff in neighboring Maricopa County. He bills himself as the "toughest sheriff in America". He is an ego driven, headline hungry individual that shares a local fanatic base with Sarah Palin and the teabaggers.

Senator Jon Kyl (R-Ariz) has made himself a spokesman (minority whip) for his party, and against the Democracy. He was chief in opposition to the ratification of a nuclear arms treaty with Russia. To-day on television he criticised the Pima County sheriff (Clarence Dupnik) for taking note of the political situation. Kyl has been repeatedly unctuous, mendacious and hypocritical.

Among the incendiary Republican congressmen of Arizona is Trent Franks, and now, the idiot son (Ben), of the idiot vice-president (Quayle) under ghwbushsr. McCain (the other Arizona senator) was responsible for bringing Palin into the national political discussion.

The xenophobe, gun promoter, and none-to-bright Republican governor is Jan Brewer. In bordering Nevada, the crazy Republican candidate, Sharron Angle, who lost to Senator Reid, made statements about "second amendment remedies" amongst many wacko statements. In Arizona, there are holsters sold to accesorise motorcycles. There is a culture of incipient violence in the interior west.

In a stunt, the Republicans had parts of the Constitution read in the House of Representatives. Gabrielle Giffords read the first amendment. A follower of the second amendment shot her in the back(?) of her head a few hours later. He then shot a number of other people. Six are dead now. He was going to put in a new magazine of bullets but was stopped.

Palin had a US map made with 20 cross-haired targets on it. One was on Giffords' district. Palin told her followers (minions) to "reload" and "take aim" at Democrats. Only one other (of the 20) Democratic targets 'survived' the election. The Republican candidate, Jesse Kelly, that opposed Congressman Giffords, had a money raising event where one could "get on target for victory in November help remove Gabrielle Giffords shoot a fully automatic M16 with Jesse Kelly". In January Giffords local office was vandalised immediately after the Health Care vote. Giffords was on record cautioning and complaining of the intemperate and dangerous language being used.

In April 2009, the Homeland Security Department released a memorandum warning of the possibility of right wing extremist violence, especially to people opposed to the federal government. Gingrich said that that writer ought to be fired for his smears. Republican mouthfoamers on radio, and elsewhere, raised a stink about bias and lies.

Fox "News" is an employer of many of these Republicans, including Palin. In their "fair and balanced" manner, as soon as a mourner at a vigil for the victims mentioned Palin, they cut away. The thought that individual had was echoed by Sheriff Dupnik, "I think it's the vitriolic rhetoric that we hear day in and day out from people in the radio business and some people in the TV business and what we see on TV and how our youngsters are being raised..." That is what Kyl criticised Dupnik for saying. The rule is apparent: Republicans can say anything, no one is to contradict them. Allyson Miller, an organiser of the Pima County Tea Party Patriots said, "I think anytime you start suppressing freedom of speech, I think it's wrong. I live here and I didn't hear anything [in the 2010 campaign] that concerned me in terms of inciting violence."

A sane, humane person with a modicum of discernment can not be a Republican. That party has long been filled with worshippers of Mars, and Mammon, and the grossest of hypocrites; not hypocrites in a small sense, but purposely deceptive hypocrites, whose interests were those of the financial establishment and vile intent. Now, in the last few months they have pumped and encouraged insanity in the guise of the teabaggers. They have clothed themselves as patriots. They have, on the one hand, sounded as comical anarchists, while being tools of the ambitiously greedy and power hungry. They, especially Palin, have used the most incendiary of words. The question was never could some great act of violence ensue, but when and how many. We have seen the first in Tucson. The United States must realise, that, the Republican party is a fascist party. They use the arguments, and methods of fascists; now we have seen the fruits of their behavior inside this country. The killer in this situation, may only be a crazy juvenile, but one that drank from the cups brewed, and poured, and drank in southern Arizona.

I say and write unpleasant things about Republicans. They are all true. Anyone mentioning some equivalency between the parties on language is making a false statement. Some will do so to deceive, others in cowardice, so as not to weather Republican or "conservative" attacks

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