Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Party of vandals

In 1773 a group of bostonians threw chests of tea into the harbor. They went in disguise as indians in the dark of night. They protested, in part, of 'Mother England' taxing them instead of being taxed by themselves.

To-day, some have used the name 'tea party' to attack the Democracy. They, amongst other things, are damaging Democratic windows [left: Congressman Gabrielle Giffords' Tucson office] during the night. Perhaps, they are creating a Kristallnacht now. Their impetus? Their elected representatives in Congress passed a bill, not across the sea, but in the nation's capital on health care reform.

Before they passed the bill. Others yelled racial epithets and spat on negro congressmen. Negroes marched peacefully for their recognition of equal rights in the 1950s and '60s. It seems, though they have recognised legal rights, they still do not have the courtesy of human respect from all citizens.

These new political activists want political power. They are not elected, nor do they care for elections. They first appeared in Florida in 2000. A similar, but conservatively dressed, mob halted vote counting to prevent a Democrat becoming president. They act as mobs and vandals. It is a very ugly and disturbed movement. Will their violence escalate? They are being cheerled by mouthfoamers on radio and television, and by Republican congressmen. Is this what the Republicans do when they are not in power?

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