Monday, January 24, 2011

Lennon vs. Saint Peter's

This story has been picked up nationally. It is rippling out in notice to Sandusky, Columbus, Indianapolis, and beyond. Lennon has made a move. In this matter he had been silent since August.

The phrase "breakaway congregation" and/or
"breakaway church" has been used in the press. This is inaccurate, and it plays to possible defenders of Lennon's actions. The parish has not broken away. They are meeting elsewhere. The use of their physical church has been denied them. They have a current appeal in Rome to rescind the suppression decree. Until Rome says so, no property of the parish can be disposed of. The parish's continued canonical existence is still open. The parish, as an association of Christians, still exists and meets.

No one in the congregation of the Parish of Saint Peter, in Cleveland, has publicly proclaimed any heterodox opinions. Certain defenders of Lennon, who see themselves as arbiters of catholic orthodoxy, have compared them to heretics such as Luther, Swaggart, Calvin, et cetera. These 'hard liners' are wrong, as is their wont.

It is not easy, or possible, to defend the judgment, or many other qualities, of Richard Lennon, other than his authority. Authority has limits, not everyone wishes to see this.

A question of schism, separation by division, is ultimately conceivable. This 'breakaway' appellation is premature. The parish was evicted. Now they meet elsewhere. They have not separated from the Catholic Church. A priest and other Catholics are celebrating the Sacraments. Their ordinary disapproves, and speaks of vague threats. At one time, his spokesman at least, Bob Tayek said the bishop was willing to speak with these Catholics. Apparently, this is his manner of speech.

Further Lennon accuses Fr. Marrone of "scandal" and "corruption". Now the world knows, Lennon knew of real corruption and scandal in Boston. He vouched for a paramount villain. Lennon's use and facility of language has always been questionable. A priest who buggered children, in Lennon's statement was "in good standing and enjoyed the faculties of the Archdiocese of Boston". Lennon may win the definition of terms, and still look ridiculous and odious to the world.

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  1. "That which you did to the least of my people you did to me".
    Perhaps on this Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul, when we remember how Jesus appeared to Saul on the Road to Damascus and said "why are you persecuting me",
    you will cease persecuting our bishop for doing his job.
    Fr. Marrone is guilty of scandal because he is acting in disobedience. A publicly disobedient priest is scandalous--to lay and clergy alike.
    You will have to answer for your public slander of our shepherd. I pray for you.