Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Suppressing the suppression

A group of Endangered Catholics lobbied the priests of the diocese last night. There was a reception in a building near the cathedral before the Chrism Mass. Members stood between the two buildings and held up signs pleading for mediation, and in support of Father Robert Begin, the truthful, and undaunted pastor of St. Colman's. Some of his fellow priests made favorable comments and chatted with members of the group. A few ignored them, and one spoke against the sentiments of the agitating parishioners and used a very vulgar term. A lady protester chided him, "Father, you should go to confession." A priest passing a fellow holding the sign above said, "I am too young to be like Fr. Bob." Another said, "He is truthful".
Then when the priests processed into the cathedral, the group of a dozen plus held signs up near the clerical line. None of this was noted by the media. There has been no aggressive reporting of this larger story. The open falsehoods concerning rationale and particulars have not been investigated. One television station, which ridiculously pans itself as being "everywhere" has one of its investigative reporters carrying water for the bishop as a ceremonial chairman of a charities campaign. Some who oppose the parish suppressions use the term "censorship", but since it is not governmental, but the economic establishment which does not air the story sufficiently it is then "suppression". Much criticism of Lennon concerns that he does not act on religious, theological, christian, pastoral bases, but on economic, managerial bases, which criticisms the economic establishment will not entertain or gladly allow, because they believe in that ethic, they justify their doings by them. American capitalistic business practice is the accepted ground standard.
Recently, the Cleveland Plain Dealer printed a letter of the spouse of Richard Lennon's employee, whom is the officer for the "parish reconfiguration", or dismemberment. Either she, Armstrong, or the Plain Dealer should have noted this, they did not. She demanded respect for Lennon, and had a rash of questions to those whom object to his lordship's plans.

Many questions have been asked to, and not answered by, Richard Lennon. At the press conference of March 2009, he made the repeated point, that he would not answer any questions in particular on why any one parish would be closed. [This statement he has proven true, many others not so much, really not at all.] He did not answer the repeated questions of Robert Begin. He did not answer any of the ten questions that were read on the steps of the cathedral, and placed on the handles of the portico doors. That group, Code Purple, is asking to meet with the Bishop in a public forum to discuss questions. That won't happen, and the media will not mention it.

Now St. Stanislaus, Lorain was suppressed 27 September 2009. 22 September the Lorain Journal and WKYC 3 both reported that a real estate agency had the property listed on its website at that date. Bob Tayek was quoted in both stories. To-day, in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Tayek is quoted: "No property is placed for sale until a church is officially closed."

There appears to be a planted campaign of acceptable discourse engineered by the chancery. Churches are continued to be suppressed, but only a few comments are given public disclosure or focus. Both Lennon and his mouthpiece, Bob "Baghdad Bob" Tayek, are pushing the false story that there is little to no opposition, and the absurd story that Lennon is lauded when he suppresses a congregation. Saint Peter's, Cleveland, does not want to be in attendance for the Mass of Eviction and possession by the bishop. This upsets the "pastoral action" fiction that is spread in the disinformation campaign. Definition of terms is half the programme and half the argument won before a debate begins. If 'bishop' would overlap with the semantic field of brother and servant, and not tyrant and sovereign, then we (as a church) would be a happier and healthier community.

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