Sunday, March 7, 2010

Casimir's Day celebrated

The snows receded, the sun appeared, the people came to celebrate Saint Casimir's Day in the street (East 82nd). They were joined by ward 7 councilman, TJ Dow, who stood with them through the service, and beforehand spoke on the desirability, and necessity of keeping such parishes open in the city of Cleveland for the good of communities.

Lennon, bishop and tyrant, wields power to shut down churches, and rename churches, but the old and original Saint Casimir was in force to-day, and enjoyed some fellowship after the service, with coffee and pastry. The church and the social hall were denied them, they carried on. The crux fidelis, the cross of faith, they bore, even though the current ordinary has dismissed them, taken away their possessions, refused their clergy to be active amongst them, and wishes them permanent exile, oblivion or ostracism.

They were reinforced with friends. Some go to Mass, at St. John Cantius, Immaculate Heart of Mary, St. Raphael, St. Lawrence, St. Stanislaus, St. Emeric, and elsewhere, and nowhere. Yet they come here too. The devotion of the place, and the faith, and christian solidarity. The people persevere under an uncaring, and bad bishop.

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  1. Dear "rust-belt Voice" (re: perfunctory disclaimer)

    FEAR NOT, you are NOT alone... others have tread down similar paths, with similar. THe road is long and rocky, littered with bodies of other unsuccessful bloggers. You see, Grasshopper, you have chosen a challenging, difficult course - seeking a reasoned discourse among rational thinkers. But you must now contend with the principal twin enemies of reason - namely IGNORANCE and APATHY. As Machiavelli predicted - "nothing is more difficult than CHANGE...." Many cycles of Trials and Tribulation must be expected.

    The road is long, but worthwhile. Keep up the good work, all will be well.

    Anon (one who has traveled similar paths)..