Wednesday, February 17, 2010

One more question for Bishop Richard

A further question, that was not [but should have been] addressed to Bishop Richard Lennon: Certainly you are aware that this process you approve of, and designed, has and will continue to force and send catholics permanently away from the western (roman) (latin)-rite of the one, holy, catholic and apostolic church. Is that not a great failure of your pastoral office? You are creating paths of schism and apostasy.

Before the coming of Lennon there were seven hungarian [magyar] parishes. To-day there are two, and one is scheduled for suppression. Saint Emeric is to be closed on the last day of the plan, the last day of the fiscal year, the 30th of June. It will be a Wednesday. This much to be said of the parishioners there, they really do not want to be suppressed. Now why such a hard hit on that nation?

The poles will have ten parishes go. The slovaks will have six gone, and a remaining parish [SS. Cyril & Methodius, Lakewood (Birdtown)] will have its name changed, and its nationality status stripped. Lennon is engaging in ethnic cleansing, especially amongst east europeans. The slovenes, croats, czechs [bohemians], lithuanians, and the predominately african american churches are being similarly targeted. National heritage and traditions are to quashed, in order to create an homogenised product, suitable to whom?

People are being told they are unimportant, nay, they should not exist. At Sacred Heart, in Akron, he likened his activity to that of Jesus. He stated that when the call to the apostles came and people would not follow, "He let them go [9.10 in the video clip]". Apparently, he is not like the Good Shepherd:
For the Son of man is come to save that which was lost. What think you? If a man have an hundred sheep, and one of them should go astray: doth he not leave the ninety-nine in the mountains, and go to seek that which is gone astray? And if it so be that he find it: Amen I say to you, he rejoiceth more for that, than for the ninety-nine that went not astray. Even so it is not the will of your Father, who is in heaven, that one of these little ones should perish. — Matthew xviii, 11-14.
He made some inventions there too. "When a parish closes, the church has said, the assets go with the people. [6.45 in the video clip]". Will anyone attempt to hold him to his word?

He also told blatant falsehoods about the process. "We could not have been more clear in what we're doing...there's no secret here." [9.22 in the video clip]

He also said something so absurd, "I am not without sensitivity [3.30 in the video clip]", that people openly laughed at him. This he did not appreciate, after all, "When your brothers and sisters were singing, I did not laugh [3.43 in the video clip]." People singing religious and national hymns with deep emotion is equated with recognition of the ridiculous.

10 Polish
  • Assumption of Mary, Grafton
  • Holy Cross, Elyria
  • St. Hyacinth, Cleveland
  • St. Hedwig, Akron
  • St. Stanislaus, Lorain
  • St. Casimir, Cleveland
  • St. Hedwig, Lakewood
  • Corpus Christi, Cleveland
  • Sacred Heart of Jesus, Cleveland
  • St. Barbara, Cleveland
6 Hungarian
  • Holy Trinity, Barberton
  • Sacred Heart of Jesus, Elyria
  • St. Ladislaus, Lorain
  • St. Margaret of Hungary, Orange
  • Sacred Heart of Jesus, Akron
  • St. Emeric, Cleveland
6 Slovak
  • St. Andrew Svorad, Cleveland
  • SS. Cyril & Methodius, Barberton
  • St. John the Baptist, Akron
  • Holy Trinity, Lorain
  • Our Lady of Mercy, Cleveland
  • St. Wendelin, Cleveland
5 African-American *
  • St. Henry, Cleveland
  • St. Catherine, Cleveland
  • Epiphany, Cleveland
  • St. Cecilia, Cleveland
  • St. Adalbert, Cleveland
2 Slovene
  • SS. Cyril & Methodius, Lorain
  • St. Lawrence, Cleveland
2 Croat
  • Christ the King, Akron
  • St. Vitus, Lorain
2 Czech (Bohemian)
  • St. Wenceslas, Maple Hts.
  • St. Procop, Cleveland
1 Lithuanian
  • St. George, Cleveland
1 Italian
  • Our Lady of Mount Carmel -- East, Cleveland (this church was an oratory[chapel])
* None of these were originally black or african-american, but became so through demographics, but Saint Adalbert had been a czech parish that an african-american congregation (Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament) merged with.

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